May 21, 2020

Random Thursday

Today's foray into Weird But True by Leslie Gilbert Elman has us looking at rocks and precious stones! At least my quick glimpse that the pages seem to lend toward that theme! Let's check it out!

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Pearl oysters aren't closely related to the oysters that we eat at all. The ones that we eat don't produce pearls. But there are other mollusks that produce pearls, such as mussels and clams and one might be able to find a pearl inside one before eating it. Though the pearls found in clams aren't usually as lustrous or valuable, but are still beautiful.

Did not know this at all! Lol.

(image borrowed from Natural History Magazine)
The largest pearl ever found was found in the Phillippines and it mostly likely came from a giant clam. The pearl is known as Pearl of Lao-Tazu or the Pearl of Allah. It's 9in long and wights nearly 14lbs, valued between $40-60 million.

Whoa! And a google check says that this picture is it!

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If the temperature is high enough, a diamond will burn.

That's narly!

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When you buy something that is rather expensive, that activates the part of the brain that's responsible for pain and guilt.

But...what if you don't regret it? Lol. I mean, I spent almost $200 on a rare book once and I have zero regrets! I mean, it was still under $200 after taxes and shipping, so I consider it a good deal! LOL!

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On March 18, 1990 two thieves dressed as police officers broke into Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and stole 13 works of art, including pieces by Cermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, and Manet. It was the largest art theft in history. Over 20 years later, nothing has been recovered and the paintings are valued at $500 million. The museum still has the empty frames up in the places where they were meant to be...waiting for the day that they will return home.

FUN FACT: The Art Loss Register says that Picasso's painting are the most frequently stolen ones. Hundreds of Picassos have been stolen over the years from multiple types of places...including the theft of 2007 from Picasso's granddaughter!

Whoa! Those b*st*rds have balls to steal from Picasso's own granddaughter. Though I know names and notoriety means nothing to thieves and they might even enjoy bragging about it! 


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