Mar 30, 2021

Let's Discuss: Bookish Confessions Part 32

We all have our bookish confessions. Today I decided to share one of my weirder ones. I can't remember if I mentioned it once before but here we go...

Bookish Confessions Part 32 (I really don't know what number it is! LOL) 

You know when you're browsing the bookstore shelves and you spot one of your favorite series on the shelves! You look at the spines and think, read it, read it, read it, still need to read it...etc. Do you ever notice how sometimes stores arrange them in alphabetical order? I get the reasoning behind it, well, sorta.

I admit that when I see this and I see that no one else is around, I casually will rearrange the books to be in serial order from whatever is there! Yeah, it just flows better because a new reader might grab book 3 because it's "first" in the row and think "sounds good!" but they'll be so confused when they read it! So yes, I confess, I rearrange book series when I see them out of serial order.

Do you do this when in a bookstore? What are some of your weird bookish confessions?

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