Mar 15, 2021

Let's Discuss: Writing in Your Books


So a thought came to me the other day when I saw a picture of someone writing in their book. Notes, highlights--that kind of thing. And my eye twitched a bit. Lol Which brought me to this discussion:

Writing in Your Books

Do you write in your books? And not just textbooks, but your actual books? I can't stand it! I hate marring the pages with my handwriting. I couldn't even write in my text books. Oh I tried, but I hated it! I guess it was the whole "we do not write in our books" thing that ingrained in us as kids in elementary school. I just can't handle it! I can't do it, I can't help but twitch when I see others doing it in their own books. It just weirds me out. Lol.

But ready for a contradiction? If an author were to annotate their own book, I'm ALL for it! Lol! Because yes, I love it when they sign my book and if they do a giveaway or auction of a signed/annotated copy of their book I'm all in! I guess I feel it's perfectly fine when it's the author writing whatever notes in the book because it is their book! They wrote it and if they want to add special notes to it I find that fun!

Though I admit, it can be distracting to read too. Like I'm happy reading their thoughts and whatnot on certain scenes and such, but it can be hard to read the story at the same time, especially for the first time. So in that case, I think I'd read the book first and then go back and read the special notes and such after I get a grasp of what scene they're annotating.

What about you? Do you write in your own books? Mark favorite quotes or scenes? Would you ever like to have/read an annotated copy of a book written by the author?

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