Mar 5, 2021

TV Show Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark S2.3-4


Okay, so last week I fell behind on things and this was before the week of hell at work, so how all that happened, I can't say! But I finally sat down and watched the next two parts of the new Are You Afraid of the Dark, and omg, this show seriously just gets better! This is like the classic show but amplified! 

I admit last year's wasn't as terrifying. It had too much mystery and no explanation to it. This show is getting seriously creepier and better yet, explanations!! Yes there's more detail to the ghost story and how things came to be!

This will be a two-part review, so prepare yourselves! In the third part we get the original story! We learn what Connor was up to, he had figured out a connection between the missing kids and the Shadow Man and linked it back to the first missing child, June, from 1995 or so, should've been more 1990 when the original show started, but hey, at least it was the 90s and oh what a trip that was!

We get a pretty nifty way of learning what happened oh so long ago and the actual origins of the Shadow Man! It was dark, twisted, and frightening to say the least. I mean the Shadow Man itself still creeps me out when watching this show! Lol. The Midnight Society continues to follow in Connor's footsteps. And my favorite, Sardo, makes another appearance!

One issue I had was in the beginning on another flashback with Connor and him skulking about at night, he breaks into his high school and please tell me why is there a janitor there THAT late at night working in the complete dark?! Why wouldn't she turn a light on, to you know, clean stuff? This is also ignoring the fact that it's likely somewhere around midnight or so!

Another mini complaint, when the Midnight Society, and even Connor for that matter, are trying to conduct a seance and don't have a spirit board, they decide to use "other" boardgames. I mean, they know what "game" they're supposed to use and yet no one thinks to at least draw up the alphabet on a piece of paper? What is up with that?!

This one ended with a whopper of a cliffhanger of sorts, one that has you screaming bloody murder at the TV, but thankfully...I had two episodes to watch!

Here is where I'll start part 4's review, so if you haven't watched it yet, be forewarned of spoilers! 

As we last saw, the Midnight Society cast a spell and banished the Shadow Man and brought back Connor...but as we saw with the Phantom Light, something isn't quite right. The show opens up with yet another flashback, but these are insanely insightful and give us sooo many details and clues.

Such as this flashback, we see what happened to Connor after he was taken in the woods that fateful night. It was quite horrifying too! Then it kind of goes in a fast forward type motion and we're back in real time of the last few minutes of the previous episode and bam! We know what really happened!

And honestly, it's no stretch of the imagination of what happened and it's confirmed more or less fairly early on, the Connor who came back, isn't the real Connor. Positively one of my worst nightmare kind of scenarios! I hate when an imposter entity pretends to be a person and everyone thinks it's the real person. I don't know why, but it just makes me scream. I guess I hate the deception and lies.

Sardo is here once again, just when we think the Midnight Society has seen the last of him! I think I love his character so much is because he's an original character from the original series! And there was quite the chilling moment with him. I had to rewind my TV a few times to catch it too! Mostly because loud noises happened right at my first rewind, typical!

There's a cute little teen romance going on between two of the Midnight Society members. I distantly recall brief little flirtatious moments between the original Midnight Society members here and there. But since that show revolved heavily around their stories, you rarely got to know them. These new reboots focus on the Midnight Society members and how their ghost stories are coming to life, so to speak.

The ending was another whopper! Jay's mysterious comic books make another appearance in this episode that seem to predict the future, or at least his future. These things are seriously giving me chills because we saw this happen once before in a previous episode, they suddenly appear again just when the end is making its epic rise and just moments before it ends, they make another prediction, on Jay saw in time and decided to head into what fate decrees! Chills you guys, chills!

Yes, these TV show reviews I'm doing are pretty vague and is me mostly recording my reactions, but oh well! The plots have been fairly simple even with the 1-hour time slot. But with commercials they run more like 40 minutes. Now of course since I'm caught up, this week's cliffhanger is killing me just as much as last week's!! These cliffhanger are insane you guys! Only two episodes are left! I can't wait to see what will happen next in this terrifyingly entertaining reboot!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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