Mar 7, 2021

Stacking the Shelves


Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! The meme is now hosted by Tynga's Reviews and Reading Reality.


What day is it even? It's Sunday already? This week was hell you guys, absolutely hell! I thought work was getting busy the week before but it was the ultimate hell this week as we were forced to start an entirely new system to do everything related to our job. It was the "new and improved" way to do things...that took twice as long to do the job I did before! It was a literal nightmare. I was behind nearly all week and somehow, a gift from God allowed me to get caught up for the most part by the end of the week. Not at all sure how that happened. It was just a nightmare. It's going to be a long adjustment to get used to this new system and how taxing and time consuming it is, but yeah. 

Oh and on top of that lovely development I was informed that my SIGNED Deluxe Fairy Loot set of the An Ember in the Ashes series is lost! On February 21, I was told my shipping label was created and that's all she wrote. I reached out to Fairy Loot about it and after they reached out to their shipping partner they told me within a few short minutes, it's lost. I'm told I'm getting a replacement but I'm 99.9% positive it won't be my signed set! Those were limited and I managed to get one and I was in tears at the lost.

Then I went into work late Tuesday so I could go into Target and buy the exclusive version of Covet...they hadn't put any out yet. On release day. At store opening. I go after work and nothing. I check online...SOLD OUT! I was enraged! There was never a shelf tag for it. I got lucky though, I started checking every Target nearby and doing the "buy online, pick up in store" for three locations and when I finally got one I was relieved, because these puppies are SELLING OUT EVERYWHERE!

So yeah, this week was the ultimate suckage. I'm hoping this coming week will be easier, but honestly I'm too scared to hope for much.


Here's what I got this week:

Covet by Tracy Wolff--x3!! The B&N edition, the Target edition, & the BAM edition! Yes, I HAD to collect them ALL! :D

Heartbreak Bay by Rachel Caine--with SIGNED bookplate! Once Rachel announced her devastating news, I preordered this puppy to do whatever I could to help her from a distance. I'm still not over the loss of her. This was an amazing read too!


And after the first copy got lost--causing yet another freak out/panic attack on my part, I tell you guys, it's been a rough year and it's only the beginning of March--this beauty finally arrived:

Finale by Stephanie Garber--BULGARIAN EDITION!!

For review from the publisher I received:

Grace and Glory by Jennifer L. Armentrout (ARC)
Shadowed Steel by Chloe Neill (ARC)


Covet by Tracy Wolff

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Inkyard Press, Berkley Books, & Entangled Teen!!!

Then I also got my February Fairy Loot Box:

This one was a little on the meh side, but yeah, what can you do?

Then I also won a gift card in the 2021 Series Enders Reading Challenge for January!

THANK YOU Holly @ Words Fueled by Love!!

And then I ordered another t-shirt, in my defense, this one was on sale! Lol!

It's an unofficial Toothless hanging out in a pocket of books! I basically zoomed in on the picture in the corner of the shirt! It was super cute!

And that was it for me. The week absolutely sucked, but it was nice coming home to some goodies every other day or so! If only my AEITA set wasn't lost! :(

What did you get this week?



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