Mar 14, 2021

TV Show Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark S2.5


One episode away from the epic conclusion and holy cow did this one get seriously creepy!! It's hard to totally summarize the highlights of these episodes without getting into everything! But I will try to do my best! 

We pick up right where we left off with the remaining Midnight Society members running for their lives after losing their friend, Jay. The Shadow Man will not rest until he catches all the Society members since they all entered his woods. And since they made the mistake of giving him protection in daylight, the Shadow Man can now go after them basically at any time! Though he still can't drag them to the woods until night.

This one of course delves into my worst fear of a deceiver pretending to be someone and EVERYONE else believes it's the real person except for the chosen few. It drives my inner reader nuts! Lol. Shadow Man as Connor is getting the parents of the Midnight Society involved into their live and basically grounding them to the darkness of their rooms so he can easily take them. But of course, the Midnight Society is prepared to fight back...though you can only imagine the groundings these teens will get once they save the world!

There was at least one quick nod to the original Are You Afraid of the Dark series again and I was so tickled by it! I swear, the trips to Sardo's Magic Shop are my favorite because that's where all the Easter Eggs are hidden it seems! It's truly magical from my point of view, lol!

The Midnight Society is still trying to devise a plan to end the Shadow Man once and for all. Sardo is helping in his own way and drawing the wrath of the Shadow Man while he's at it. And oh boy you guys, this episode was positively chilling! I feel like every episode gets a little scarier and with the way this one ended, I am dying for it to be next Friday night already! But also sad, because you know, it's going to be all over!

This season of the reboot is truly shaping out to be my favorite! The first one that was only 3 episodes was creepy but it didn't have enough explanations and answers. THIS one actually dived into the backstory of the creepiness and gives you some straight answers. There may have been a few nit picky ones that don't get answered in the beginning, but they're nit picky so it doesn't really matter! Lol. I remember that first season of the reboot just didn't really explain where the "magic" came from. In this one, we know where it came from but the problem of saving the day is still at large!

And omg, the events that happened in this one!!! I'll touch on them in my review next week, because you know I would never spoil things for you guys without ample warning like I might have done in my Toy Story 4 review, lol. But I'm cutting myself off here. This episode was pure terror and pure greatness! I cannot wait to see how it all ends!!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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