Mar 27, 2021

Let's Discuss: Why I Don't Like Virtual Events


So our new world order has basically canceled any and every kind of event known to mankind...except sports...go figure. Book signings are a thing of the past and my heart aches, yet the new version of them are virtual events and I have to say...I don't like them. At. All.

Why I Don't Like Virtual Events

Don't get me wrong. I do see the benefits of them. They're virtual, so basically anyone in the world can attend--more or less. It depends on the event host and whatnot, but the few I've come across usually say anyone anywhere can attend. Though sometimes you do have to buy the book from them, so it would depend upon where the store ships.

Reasons why I don't like virtual events:

I can't always focus or pay attention well to videos on my computer screen. I'm likely going to get distracted or start doing something else online because sitting still for this kind of event is just too hard. In person events I'm held riveted and could sit still all day...but for a virtual one, eh.

You're not guaranteed to get your question answered. Usually the host will ask if you have questions and to submit them to them and they'll pick a few for the author to answer. Meaning...unless you ask a popular question or one that stands out from the rest, you might not get to know the answer to that burning question.

You can't ask your spoilery question for obvious reasons. I mean if you wanted to ask why they killed off Character X, you can't ask it quietly at the signing table once you get your book signed. You basically just get to wonder unless the author has an email they monitor and you can ask that way, because posting it on social media doesn't work either since it's still a spoiler and more people will see it.

You don't always get a signed book. It depends on the event obviously, some will offer a signed/personalized book, some might offer a signed bookplate, and others will just give you the unsigned book. Plus, if you're a fan of the author and have their backtitles, you won't be able to get them signed because virtual attendance. True, I know there are ebook readers out there, but for a real book reader like myself, this is a huge letdown to not get to have my backtitles signed. Any signed copy is better than none at all of course, but if when you have that favorite title by an's kind of nice to have it signed!

What are your thoughts on virtual events? Love em, hate em, something in between?

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