Mar 19, 2021

TV Show Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark S2.6


It's the grand finale of the latest reboot of Are You Afraid of the Dark and I once again must say KUDOS to these writers because OMG! This one, this one was AMAZING!!!! Note, from this point on I will have SPOILERS from previous episodes!

The show opens up with a prolonged recap of sorts, really it's Connor catching us all up on what went down before the other Midnight Society members got involved. Now Connor and the Midnight Society minus Luke are trapped in the Shadow Man's prison of sorts with all the other kids who were kidnapped over the years. It's up to Luke to rescue his friends, but he'll need a little bit of guidance from the other side.

Yup, as we saw at the end of the previous episode, the new Sardo DIED trying to save the Midnight Society and Luke uses a spirit board to contact him and with the help of ghostly magic Luke is given a set of flashbacks, some that happened just a day ago, and one that took place back in the 90s just after June died where her father is demanding that the ORIGINAL Sardo give him the book. YES, the ORIGINAL SARDO from the the ORIGINAL Are You Afraid of the Dark! The 90s child in me was squealing with delight over that!!! Omg, I'm still over the moon about it!!

The Midnight Society must join together and do what they must to put an end to the Shadow Man once and for all. And you will never believe the route they will take! I don't want to get into those details as really, the plot points are fairly simple in these episodes, I tell you one thing and there's only a middle and conclusion left!

But oh my wow! The way this one wrapped everything up was just amazing! I loved loved loved how this season truly gave several nods to the original, it was just mind-blowingly awesome! I felt like the first season didn't do that as much. Yes, there was the campfire and all that, the storytelling...but that was it. While this one kept to the same theme of the ghost story actually being real (sort, this time it was more Connor looking into a supposed local ghost story that led to a curse that was not at all legend). The tale, tale end of this one was yet another hat tip to the original series that seriously had me grinning just like the Ghastly Grinner--minus blue ooze! Lol. Seriously, all the references to the original TV show were just so amazingly done! It was subtle and real and honestly, this was the best reboot of a beloved show of mine that I have ever seen! 

If a third season were to ever happen, I hope they use these writers again, because they were on POINT! This was a seriously creepy little mini series and it was epically awesome from start to finish!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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