Aug 31, 2021

Challenges Monthly Wrap-up: August

CHALLENGE 1: 2021 New Release Challenge

Mary, Will I Die? by Shawn Sarles (ARC) (9/7/21)--Review to come this week!
The Buried by Melissa Grey (ARC) (9/7/21)--Review to come next month!
All These Bodies by Kendare Blake (ARC) (9/21/21)--Review to come next month!

I'm at 31/20 titles and I just passed my chosen tier! Haven't really planned on upping the challenge since I'd like to try to focus on more of my TBR books with a few new releases still here and there.

CHALLENGE 2: Beat the Backlist 2021 Reading Challenge

Reflection by Elizabeth Lim (3/27/18)
Horrid by Katrina Leno (9/15/20)
Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace (1/26/16)
Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl (6/5/18)

No formal tiers in this one but I'm up to 24. I guess ideally I'd love to hit 30, but I'm too chicken to up the challenge just yet! Lol. Let's see how September goes...which I've got a few new horror releases I want to read to see if they're potential picks for my giveaway in October!

CHALLENGE 3: 2021 Series Enders Reading Challenge

Sadly, none this month. I hate that I have a zero for this month on the challenge. Though I already did pass up my twice revised goal.

CHALLENGE 4: 2021 Discussion Challenge

Dreamy Book Covers Redux

I realllllly need to get working on this one! I think this is the first time I'm not going to hit the top tier! I always aimed for the lower tiers and waited for discussions to come to me or to find fun new tags to join in on. I've not been in the best of mood lately to think of fun discussions and tags seem to have become a thing of the past. I'm at 18/25 now, so I might have to revisit tags I've done in the past again to help this one out!

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