Aug 12, 2021

Random Thursday


Time to learn more new and exciting facts regarding pop culture in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley.

(image borrowed from Home Alone Wiki Fandom)

In Home Alone, when Kevin finds a picture of Buzz's girlfriend, the director thought it best to put a wig on boy than find a girl and deem her "ugly."

Smart move!

(image borrowed from Rotten Tomatoes)

The special effects used in Top Gun to make the missile launches as authentic as possible were so real that the Navy launched an investigation to determine if they had actually been launched or not. The Navy authorized the use of two missiles but the recreations the movie put together were so good, the Navy thought they were real!

That's kind of funny!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

The title role in Forrest Gump was originally offered to John Travolta.

Wow. That would've been a whole different movie!

(image borrowed from The Washington Post)

Did you know Jack's sketches in Titanic were drawn by the director James Cameron?

I think I remember hearing this when the movie came out way back then!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know Michael Myers' mask in Halloween was a white Captain Kirk mask?

You know, I never gave it much thought.

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