Jan 14, 2022

Book Blogger Hop



This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!


This week's question is: Do you have any bookish posters/artwork on your walls? (submitted by Penelope @ The Reading Devil)


MY ANSWER: Yes! Yes I do!

 Here I have my Touch of Magic Designs Cupcake pin banner then my poster of the original book cover for Jennifer L. Armentrout's Origin!

*the middle sign while not bookish, is in fact regards to my books (and a few other things). I'm verrrrrrry particular about my babies! Lol.

Above my desk I have my poster from Marie Rutkoski and a quote from her Winner's Curse trilogy! It's also signed but you can't tell in this light since she used a silver sharpie

Two pin/button banners that are all bookish related

Then two little art prints that are bookish as well, the left says: Read to Escape Reality, Write to Embrace It. The right one says: The World Belongs to Those Who Read

I've a Phantom Rim poster of Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell!

Then I have a painting of Belle and the Beast reading together--painted by Paige O'Hara!

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover art print

Then a book cover post of Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Then a banner from the ACOTAR trilogy that says: Remember That You Are A Wolf And You Cannot Be Caged

And finally I have a poster of the end pages from the original hardcover of Fairest, it's also signed by Marissa Meyer, but she used a black sharpie, so you can't see it too well either. Should've had both authors switch sharpies on those! Lol.

To the left is the cover art to Rachel Caine's first Weather Warden novel, signed by her and the cover artist. I originally backed her project to write a new Weather Warden novel and this was a gift from my tier, sadly, she had to cancel the project when she took ill before passing.

And that is all the art I have on display on my walls! 

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