Jan 30, 2022

Let's Discuss: Memory Lane--My Favorite Birthday Party


I was trying to think of another great discussion idea and really, this one is just weird! What got me thinking about this, I still don't know. I guess it was when we were out to dinner Saturday night where I chose to have my birthday dinner a few years ago, on a night that was snowy and icy. We had just gotten ourselves to the restaurant in a timely manner and earlier that night I bought one of my favorite dragons from Julie Kagawa's Etsy shop. 

Anyway, that got me thinking on birthdays and which ones were great and not so great and then I thought of birthdays as a kid and what my favorite one was. So yes, it's Memory Lane time folks!

My Favorite Birthday Party

It had to be when I was around 6 or so as I remember it being at my grandparents' house before we moved into our later one "new" house. It was basically a carnival party! It was rather fun too! Being a December baby, it was always hard to plan a birthday part in the midst of the holidays, but we managed for those few years.

I remember my mom and sister created a beanbag toss out of cardboard and painted a Christmas tree on it, they made the star, and ornaments the holes you toss the bags through. There was also a lollipop tree...which I can't quite remember how we did that...I feel like it was wooden turkey that was some sort of decoration for that holiday, lol.

I think we had a tic-tac-toe toss game too. We had to have one or two other things, but my memory is struggling to remember them all and I have no idea which photo album I would need to pull out! I remember thinking at the time it was a cool party, I mean what 6 year old wouldn't? I can even remember shopping for little prizes too. Or really remembering what one or two prizes were since my niece was pulling out some toys not that long ago and it brought back a few fuzzy memories! Lol.

So yeah, that was one of my favorite parties I remember having! It's one of those parties you think wouldn't really work in today's world what with kids and their technology these days. It was a simple little party in some aspect, but I remember there was quite a bit of work to it and I helped where I was able since some things were meant to be a "surprise" for me as well!

Do you remember any of your birthday parties growing up? What was one of your favorite ones?

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