Jan 30, 2011

Author Interview--Tracey O'Hara

Today I have a special guest here, Tracey O'Hara! a GREAT read is apart of her blog tour for her latest release in the Dark Brethern series, Death's Sweet Embrace! Death's Sweet Embrace is out now at bookstores and online websites! And it is a GREAT addition to the series. You can see my review here.

JESSICA: In your newest book, Death's Sweet Embrace, you bring in a new main character, what led you to go this route?

TRACEY: I spent 4 years with Antoinette and Christian. I felt we needed a little time apart. However, Antoinette had different ideas, hence her presence in the 2nd book. She is a strong, forceful character and just demands attention.

Having said that, I really wanted to tell Kitt’s story. She is a very different woman to Antoinette. For one, she is a snow leopard shapeshifting felian and has twin daughters. Her ex lover, Raven, is also really hot. I would love to write more on him.

JESSICA: Do you plan to have a new main character for every book?

TRACEY: I plan to have a different ones for each book, which may or may not be new. I am hoping to do another with Antoinette as the lead sometime. The next book, SIN’S DARK CARESS, is about magic featuring Bianca Sin, a witch, as the main character. I am really loving her.

JESSICA: How will the series go roughly, if you can say. Is there a connection to all the books?

TRACEY: There is a connection between the books, several characters make appearances as secondary characters and there is members Oberon’s Team at the centre of them all. I can’t say much about how the series will go. But each book will have a standalone story with continuing threads.

JESSICA: Will Antoinette be a main character again?

TRACEY: I hope so. I have a great second story in mind for her. With lots of surprises.

JESSICA: What made you decide to be a writer?

TRACEY: Fate. I stumbled across the joy it a few years back as a byproduct of doing some family history research. I have always been a reader and I guess a story teller in a way. Plus it’s cool that I can say I torture people for a living, but only on the page. :)

JESSICA: Do you write full-or part-time? Benefits and negatives of your choice?

TRACEY: I say I have a full-time day job and write full time. And there was little choice about it. Us struggling artists still have to eat and keep a roof over our families’ heads unfortunately. But hopefully one day I can go part time in the day job and I can write more books, and faster.

JESSICA: What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes you like to indulge in when you're not writing?

TRACEY: Movies. And TV series. I love watching action, sci fi, paranormal, and/or fantasy. If it happens to have all of that, even better. I even like the cheesy ones. They are my guilty pleasure. I don’t watch television much, I prefer to watch things on DVD when I have the time.

JESSICA: What book are you currently reading or last read?

TRACEY: I am currently reading I AM NUMBER FOUR by the fictitious Pitticus Lore. Although I have gotten to the middle and it has slowed down for me. I have a lot of books on my TBR pile including those of my HarperCollins release day buds, Joss Ware’s NIGHT BETRAYED and Jaime Rush’s BURNING DARKNESS. They look really awesome.

JESSICA: Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to answer my questions!

TRACEY: No problem! Thanks for having me!

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