Jan 12, 2011

Review--Killing Rocks by D D Barant

FBI profiler Jace Valchek's ticket home from the twisted parallel universe where she's been called to duty hinges on the capture of serial killer Aristotle Stoker - and an alliance with a sorcerer known as Asher. The problem: Asher has joined forces with some of the most dangerous creatures Jace has ever encountered. The solution: There is none, without Asher's help...

Jace's goal seems simple enough - to get her man, like always. But just hours after she arrives in Vegas, she's abducted...and she isn't even sure who the real enemy is. Now Jace has to wonder if she's the predator or the prey in a very dangerous game that could change not only her fate, but the world's...Meanwhile, a serial killer is still on the loose. And time has already run out...

Finally got my copy of D D Barant's Killing Rocks and managed to squeeze it in this week in between my ARC readings. And it wasn't too bad.
My only problem is the timespan between releases. It's getting to be too long, for I read too many other books during that time and I have a hard time trying to remember the details of the last book, so I talk a little while to piece this and that together. It's nothing wrong on the author's part, it just is what it is.

Basically Jace is still on her mission to find the serial killer Stoker and get the sorcerer, Asher, to send her home without there being a major time gap. For he could send her back home, to her world, 30 years later if he so chose, or he could send her back a few hours later. Depending on his mood.

Things get complicated this time around when Jace is kidnapped and ends up teaming up with some unlikely allies in order to get Stoker, who happens to have another enemy after him as well, Jace's new partner.

It's hard to determine what to talk about here without giving away spoilers, so I'll pretty much leave it at that. Some problems I had with the book was some of the language, mostly when it got into science like talk and historical references (references in their different worlds) it became hard to focus at times. But overall it wasn't too strenuous.

Jace is quite a character. She has a lot of attitude and tends to try to lighten the tense situations with sarcasm. Which was a sort of comic relief at the time.

There wasn't any romantic tension or romance at all involved in this one. It is shelved in horror so romance probably might not play a part in the series at all. Not sure yet.

Overall I give it a 3/5 stars.


  1. Ugh! Aren't wait times such boogers? I always try to reread the previous books in the series before I start the new one, but like you said, a lot of the time it isn't possible to squeeze them in with everything else you have to read. And I also find some language to be boogerish too! Especially when you haven't read the series in so long and then it takes you a good 30 or so pages to get back into the rhythm of it... :/

  2. wait times are a killer! specially if you follow a lot of series =/

    Awesome review! I only read bk 1 so far... I need to catch up! =P


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