Jan 7, 2011

Review--Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland


But that's not all. I sense the "arcane" in our world, and there's quite a bit of it, even in Beaulac, Louisiana. I'm also a summoner of demons, which comes in handy now that I work on a task force that deals with supernatural or paranormal crimes. My partners, Ryan and Zack, are attractive and smart FBI agents, but they're not summoners, which sometimes makes it tough for them to understand what I'm dealing with.

To complicate things even more, I managed to get myself into a "situation" with one of the most powerful of demons--Demon Lord Rhyzkahl--who, in exchange for saving Ryan's life, struck a bargain with me that definitely works better for him. It doesn't help that this beautiful Demon Lord finds me attractive--something Ryan doesn't appreciate. And I know Rhyzkhal has something on Ryan, but so far, I can't find out what.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to solve a string of murders that are somehow tied together by money, sex, rock music, and...mud. But how can I concentrate on the case when I'm not even sure who--or what--my partners are?

Diana Rowland's latest Secrets of the Demon is a MUST read! Her Kara Gillian series is just amazing!!! I totally love it from beginning to end and that goes for all 3 books! And just a quick note for those new to the author this is a series where you need to start with book 1, Mark of the Demon followed by Blood of the Demon.

Secrets of the Demon takes Kara on quite an interesting case involving rock stars, or rising rock stars. Someone is out to destroy the rising band, offing off the members one by one. No one knows why either, so it's up to Kara, Ryan and Zack to solve the case since there are supernatural elements involved. Creatures that Kara has never seen before.

The story was paced wonderfully in my opinion. The case builds itself up very nicely so that it soon escalates into total chaos where you're not sure who the murderer is and the plot gets complicated in that matter for Kara is afraid she will have to leave behind her cop senses and bring forth just her survival skills.

There is still just the thickest layer of romantic tension between Kara and Ryan and it's driving me crazy!! They are still at the "friends" stage, but like I said the tension is so thick a knife wouldn't be able to cut through it! You'd need a chainsaw!

And there were quite a few surprises as well. Those were really surprising and only wants me to know more about it, but alas the book ended without my questions, or Kara's for that matter, being answered. And there is one devious little cliffhanger, so be forewarned. I was just warned earlier this morning so I was expecting it, but still the shock always hits hard! Damn those cliffhangers. I hate and love them!

Rhyzkahl--hate spelling that name! Diana must use the auto-word format thingy when typing!, is still there and ever seductive. He has his own plans and whatnot going on that I still can't figure out. And neither can Kara. I still have trouble believing his intentions and advances toward her are sincere, Kara feels the same as well at times, but she still enjoys his...company. So while the romantic tension between her and Ryan was only mildly satisfying, there's still romantic activities between her and Rhyzkahl to be had that were quite intense!

Overall this was a fantastic read! My favorite in the series so far, what will all the surprises! Definitely have to give this one 5/5 stars!! Truly amazing!

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  1. argh! I need to start this series! awesome review hon =D


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