Jun 27, 2012

Cover Art--Andrea Cremer

Another wow! Still on vacation, heading back to St. Louis and thick disgusting heat and humidity--seriosuly--tomorrow morning. Ugh. It's even getting warmer up here, but there's a nice breeze and it's not totally unbearable!

Moving on...

More cover art! This one is Andrea Cremer's Rise! The second book in her new series to start this year!

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I like it. It's got a nice mysterious vibe going, but the cover for Rift--liking this four letter word that begins with R, wondering if Andrea can do it again for book 3--was so awesome!! Ember looked fierce! Now she's kind of not doing anything.

But I still look forward to this one! And it releases January 2013! Wow, still so long to wait and I've already read Rift!

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  1. It's quite different from the others I think but I really like the girl on it. thanks for sharing!


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