Jun 7, 2012

Random Thursday

All right time for a mini rant.

I was channeling surfing last week or recently and I paused on Nickelodeon because there was a commercial that caught my eye. It was advertising a new show.

It even said, I do believe since I rushed to write it down: "Brand New Show Premieres"

The show had the current Nickelodeon actors all sitting at a table and occasionally stuff like slime would fall down on them. There were gadgets or other oddities in front of them. They wore jumpsuits.

On the other side of the room stood who I assume to be the host--some dude--with a kid. It appeared that the actors were trying to guess some secret talent or whatever that this kid has.

Sound familiar yet?

The "brand new show" is called Figure it Out.

I seriously sat there and had to backtrack to see if maybe the commercial said something else. Surely they could not say BRAND NEW SHOW PREMIERES.

I mean, the show isn't "brand new" in the slightest! Couldn't they have said NEW SEASON? Or something else.

So there's my rant. I was just really really peeved at the whole "BRAND NEW SHOW" whatnot when the show is so not new. It was on in the 90s when All That (the better version--don't even get me started when they had the new cast with Britney Spear's little sister on it) was still on!

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