Jun 1, 2012

Friday Hops

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This week's question is: You are a matchmaker — your goal, hook up two characters from two of your favorite books. Who would it be? How do you think it would go?

MY ANSWER: Oooh a challenge!

And boy do I have a wild match in mind! Please read my reasoning before making huh? faces at the covers! ;)

All right, ignoring Charley's other love interest(s?) in her series, I still have to get caught up on that one! I think she and Janco from the Study Trilogy would make a great match!

They're both funny! Ignoring the time difference as well. I think they would make an interesting couple. At least one date, of course you know who might not like Charley out with another guy!

But these two seem alike in a way! They both seriously make me lol when reading!

So if the time difference wasn't a problem and Charley's book love interest wasn't a problem, I think these two would make a decent couple! They might last, but then if since they are pretty similar I am not totally sure if they could last for all time!

I just thought this would be a wild match since they are so alike but come from two different books!

TGIF is a weekly feature created and hosted by GReads! that re-caps the week’s posts and has different question each week.

This week's question is: Issue Books: Which books have you found to be very rewarding when it comes to tackling tougher issues? 

MY ANSWER: All right, I think Jess Haines series, in its own way, tackles prejudices well. Most humans in this series hate the Others--werewolves, vampires, you name it! Shiarra, the main character was one of them too, then in book 1 she had to work for a vampire. She then had to deal with her prejudices and throughout the books you see her getting to know more Others and she sees them as being decent Other beings! Since I can't say human. ;)

At first I was a little mad at Shiarra that she grouped ALL Others into one category, but she learns that just like with humans, that simply cannot be done.

Going with my retro days reading, I read quite a bit of contemporary since finding paranormal YA was like finding a needle in a haystack, this was 11 years ago people. I read a lot of Sarah Dessen's books! She had some serious issues in her writing. Divorce, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and even physical abuse.

And through it all, I think she wrote some really good books. We watched the characters sink into their downfall, then struggle, and then overcome it. It wasn't bad writing, saying that this is what teens do. It showed what teens might do (or anyone really), and how they are strong enough to pull themselves out of the dark. Or something philosophical like that!


  1. I totally agree with matching Janco from the Study series with someone else funny! I haven't read the other book - but maybe it would work!

    Happy Friday!

    My FF post

  2. I'm yet to read either of those books, but they both sound great! Hope you'll stop by my Match
    Happy FF!

  3. I have not read the Study series, or anything from Darinda Jones, which sounds stupid, I know, but hey - can't do anything about it atm.

    Here's my Follow Friday

  4. I haven't read the books you've mentioned but your reasoning behind the match makes me curious.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great weekend!

    Old follower

  5. I've heard great things about Sarah Dessen and keep meaning to read her books, but haven't done so yet. I'm inspired to see that they have so much depth.

  6. These are all new books to me! But I did enjoy your explanation - sounds like a perfect pair. Humor is a great start to a wonderful relationship. :)

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature
    My FF & TGIF

  7. First Grave on the Right is on my TBR this month! Great pairing! Old follower. My Follow

  8. Nice picks - 'issue' books can be OK when they're subtle, but if they're really effective I find the 'issue' should be almost an afterthought for the reader.

  9. Some great questions there, like you choices. Ive just read the sitting swing by irene watson and that was a great read x

  10. Oh great choice for the couple, I didn't think of them. It would be very interesting.

  11. I really need to read the book choices you chose from in Feature and Follow Friday... they both look super good! New follower via GFC.

    Kayla @ Bengal Reads (YA Blog) & Reading On The Wild Side (Adult Blog)

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  12. Haha, I totally agree, fun characters ought to make a fun couple :D

    Hmm, Sarah Dessen, read only one title so far by her, This Lullaby. But I loved it, I loved how she approached characters and how things didn't need to be all glossy and glam, you know? :)

    Have a fab weekend!

  13. I haven't read either book but both sound great :D

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!!

  14. nice answer but i don't know who they are...another one with Poison Study...GOD still need to check it out....

    old GFC follower. New Linky follower

    thanks for visiting my FF post here


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