Jun 28, 2012

Random Thursday

So this is a totally randomness post that I was planning for awhile, but kept pushing back because I had better ideas come along.

So here we go!

Does anyone remember the tan M&M that they used to have? Now that they are giving "life" to the brown M&M in the commercials as a smart girl! Yay! Like her the best! It got me thinking...whatever happened to the tan M&M?

I think it disappeared around the time when the blue one became new. Does anyone remember that time? I remember it being a big commercial deal. Like who or what is the new M&M going to look like?

Then poof, blue M&M! Definitely a more colorful bag with it in it!

Look how the bag was before the blue:

Kinda blah right? Looks like a fall candy, only it was all year round!

So does anyone else remember this? Please tell me you do, otherwise I'm going to feel old, and I'm only 24! This was how the M&M bag was when I was a kid, so I was just wondering if anyone else remebers!


  1. I love your random Thursday thoughts! Those M&M commercials are funny. Was the tan m&m the peanut butter flavor?
    Your 24? Now I feel old and I jus turned 26...

  2. I totally remember the tan M&M. I'm quite a bit older though. Love the picture. Thanks for the random post!!


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