Jun 16, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Finished Series You Wish Would Come Back!

*in no particular order

Some good things about a few of the series I picked, there are spinoff series out or to come! So I can see my fave characters again! That goes with some others I didn't choose as well!


Kelley Armstrong

 Okay, technically it hasn't ended, yet! But it's going to! And really it already has since the book is already finished printed and waiting to hit the shelves! I loooove this series and am sad to see it end! Especially since I was always hoping for a Cassandra book! Can't wait to see how it ends, but would never had said no to more!


Rachel Vincent

Loved loved loved this series!! And while I was happy with the end, again, it's a series I would've read forever! But I do understand an author not wanting a series to go on for forever.


Meg Cabot

My stubborness couldn't let me just post the new cover! Had to post the cover that's on the right too since that's the one I own! I soooo loved this series! It was one that I fell in love with right away! In a time where Paranormal YA was hard to come by, this was definitely one of my all time fave series! I do have to say that the last two books were both surprises to me as well thinking that it had ended with the fourth one. The cover change--each time--totally took me by surprise! Would've loved for more though!


Karen Marie Moning

I yearn for more! Granted I am totally excited for the spinoff series with Dani and seeing the graphic novel next month. But it's not always the same! Sooooo fell in love with this series! Even though I picked it up a few months before the release of the last one, I did save myself agony of having to wait from book to book, but I did have the ultimate agony of waiting for the final one with the killer cliffhanger at book 4! So if this decided to come back, I'd be all for it! No questions, no hesitations about it!


Maria V. Snyder

Trilogies are evil sometimes! You go in knowing that there's only 3 books and yet you are left wanting more! I sooo would have loved to read more of Yelena, Valek, Ari and especially Janco! Granted, they all did pop up in the Glass trilogy so that was nice! But still, I want to see more of them! I miss them!

A Few Other Mentions:

Vampire Academy Series
Harry Potter (duh!)
Georgina Kincaid Series
Dark Swan Series
13 to Life Series--didn't put this in the top 5 since the final book hasn't been released yet, although I did read an ARC copy


  1. I haven't read any of those series except for The Poison Study trilogy (I liked the first book the best). I'm kinda happy I haven't read these books though. In the future I'll have more awesome books to read without the long wait.

    A series on my list would probably be Kristin Cashore's Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue books. I love that world and wouldn't mind even more books about it :)

  2. I haven't read the last book in the shifter series yet, but it's mentioned on three blogs so it has to be a great ending that leaves you with questions. You've picked great series.

  3. Yes!! I haven't read Women of the Otherworld series yet, but I want to , lots of books there!!

    Yes to the Shifter series!!

    Fever, Karen is doing two more books after or during?? Iced, Burned and Flayed , maybe once she has written and published Dan's spinoff, but I was under the impression she was doing two more books with Barrons and Mac. Yay!!




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