Jun 26, 2012

Cover Art--Richelle Mead

Still on vacation, enjoying the weather too! Although tomorrow will be pretty hot, but here there's the occasional breeze and not a lot of humidity either! So it's bareable! Even got some sun on my pale skin!

Moving on...

This is making its way into the blogosphere and I HAD to post:

I love it! I guess I need to read The Golden Lily to know who the other guy is!


  1. Love love :D I think that's Eddie, Sydney, and Adrian :D

  2. I originally thought that it was Eddie, but then I noticed that Sydney doesn't have her lily tattoo... So now I am thinking that he might be the rogue alchemist?

  3. Not really feeling this one honestly. Sydney makes the weirdest facial expressions, if that guy is Adrian he totally does no do justice to what I picture. Plus he doesnt really match Richelle's descriptiion either. Not really feeling the other guy either. I am happy to finally have a cover though. Oh and what happened to her Golden Lily tattoo?


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