Jul 11, 2013

Random Thursday

So while I was out and about on my vacation awhile back, I was at an outlet mall and I popped into a Toys R Us outlet, looking for Christmas gifts for my niece and second cousins--didn't find anything. But guess what I did find?

This cute Disney Wedding Couple Barbie doll set. What I liked was that among the three couples, Belle, Rapunzel and Cinderella...was that they called Rapunzel's prince, Eugene. For as we all know, his real name was Eugene Fitzherbert and that Flynn Rider was what he decided to call himself--and what most other Tangled toys have called him too. I like the use of his real name better.

Although, Rapunzel's hair really should be short brown!

But what I found most baffling was that with Belle's prince, they called him Prince Adam!! When did he get a name?! I seriously stood there for a few minutes staring...like this totally changed everything I knew about Disney! They were suddenly naming some of our unnamed princes. Cinderella's was still named Prince Charming as that is his only name...as well as Snow White's prince!

But Adam?! It really makes for a weird feeling to have a name to the Beast, but in some ways, I like it!

And eep!! This is the last planned Random Thursday post I had planned! I need more random, weird things to talk about!!


  1. I never knew Beast's name either. I guess I knew he had to have one, it was just never mentioned in the movie....

  2. Adam? I don't think the Beast ever had a name. I think they just pulled it our of their ass honestly. He doesn't look like an Adam. I still like Flynn Ryder better. I kind of have a crush on Flynn and Eric from the little mermaid. ;)

  3. The two earliest versions (18th century) by Barbot de Villeneuve and Leprince de Beaumont don't give him a name. Perhaps Disney gave him one for franchising purposes.


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