Jul 8, 2013

Review--The Keep by Veronica Wolff


Drew has just started her second year on the Isle of Night, and the weather isn’t the only thing changing drastically. She has ascended to the rank of Initiate. She’s also found an intimate love in the handsome vampire, Carden. But most of all, she no longer dreams of escape. She dreams of vengeance.

Her friend, Emma, was brutally wounded by the savage vampire Alcántara, and may have been taken to the dreaded castle, from which none of the living return. But there are so many different stories from so many people with so many of their own deceits and machinations, Drew can’t be sure of anything—except that she must find a way into the castle to discover the truth and take down Alcántara once and for all.

But Drew isn’t the only one out for revenge. Someone very dangerous on the island is also out for blood…


Veronica Wolff's The Keep is the latest in her The Watchers series and it was phenomenal! Totally blew my mind away! Drew uncovers so many secrets to her new surroundings that it was just astonishing and I am left longing for the next one, which currently doesn't have any information on--a dreaded thought!

Drew is mourning the loss of her best friend, Emma. When trying to trick Alcantara with their plan to fake the duel to the death, Emma was gravely injured and Drew thought her for dead, but she learns otherwise from her friend, Yas. Although, calling him a friend isn't something she can do anymore. Yas blames her for what happened to Emma and he plans to take his revenge out on Drew. Just another name to add to the list of people who want to kill her. Rob, the other Vampire Initiate is still trying to show her "her place" after she's humiliated him.

To make matters worse, Carden leaves Drew very early in the beginning of the book. Drew had just found herself growing closer to him and then he just vanishes. But Ronan is there for her. He seems to always be there lately, and Drew can't help but wonder if maybe there might be something between them. I'm all for Ronan! Even though I wasn't happy with his part in bringing Drew to the island, obviously it had to happen or else there wouldn't be a series! There's quite the bit of tension between these two. It's like they both want one another but are too afraid to take the next step. It's kind of infuriating as well, but that's pretty typical in books where romance is concerned!

Drew is determined to make Alacantara pay for what he did to Emma. She believes he is the cause to Emma's death. Even if Yas thinks Emma might be alive, how long can her friend really last inside the vampires' castle? Drew wants to kill him and plans on finding a way into the castle to make that happen. But breaking into the keep is easier said than done. That itself could be a sure way to find death. But Drew is certain that all the answers lie within...and oh, boy, does she find quite the allay of answers!

The Keep is definitely the most exciting and thrilling of the series so far! But I have the feeling the next one will definitely blow this one out of the water. With all that Drew learns by that final page, we know she's going to have one hell of a journey left! I am anxious to see how her story will end. Who will she choose romantic wise? Will she ever get off the island? What will the fate of her friends be--the ones that are left? Who else is betraying her and keeping secrets? Only time and the rest of the series will tell!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. Phenomenal.... Hmmm.... must look into this series!! Bit of a love triangle too... interesting!! Fantastic review! You have me intrigued.

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. Great review, Jessica! This is a series I've wanted to check out. I'll have to move it up on the priority list! :)


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