Jul 1, 2013

Review--Deadly Forecast by Victoria Laurie

The New York Times bestselling author of the "fabulous whodunit" Lethal Outlook is back with her newest Psychic Eye Mystery. Wedding bells are ringing for psychic Abigail Cooper, but her senses are tingling that her fiance, Dutch, is in danger...

It's said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but Abby sees something darker than storm clouds on the horizon. She's just had a disturbing premonition of her fiance's murder. Her husband-to-be has been assigned to a case involving a series of suicide bombings, and Abby's spirit guides warn her of imminent danger.

FBI agent Dutch Rivers is keeping his cool, but Abby can't quell her anxiety. After another suicide bombing at a local beauty salon, Abby vows to do everything in her power to keep Dutch safe and get him to the altar. But on the morning of the ceremony, she finds herself in a dire situation, with time running out...

I was an ecstatic little reader when I saw my copy of Deadly Forecast arrived early in the mail! I quickly made it my next read and have successfully finished it this morning! And Victoria Laurie once again delivers a delightfully entertaining mystery!!

I've raved tons about Victoria in my past reviews about her two series and Abby is definitely still a fave after 11 books! The best part about this series is that there is always room to grow and never tire of characters! This one starts off with a bang! Or an almost bang, as Abby wakes to find a bomb strapped to her chest--seriously! As the description will tell you a little about her case, I too was astonished by Abby's turn of events! But leave it to Abby to explain her situation kindly to the reader even when her life is at stake!

Pretty soon, we start from the beginning when Abby is first presented to the case and how she, along with her fiance, Dutch, best friend, Candice are recruited to help solve the grisly disasters of these suicide bombings. Abby's intuition tells her that they aren't terrorist related, but there is still something very sinister about these cases. She'll have to work fast to find the common thread between the victims and put it all together before time runs out and the mastermind behind all this chooses his next victim, because this time, the clock really is ticking...

Yeah, ominous! Right?! I was delighted to see MJ and Gilley return for the wedding ceremony itself, but since Abby goes missing prior to the ceremony, she and Gilley have to work fast to find Abby for MJ's intuition tells her Abby needs her help asap! Every other chapter counts down the time Abby has left on her bomb and we are in third person point of view--versus Abby's first person point of view for the other chapters--in MJ's viewpoint as she and Gilley find Candice and Milo and work with Dutch and Brice to find Abby and then find the bomber. 

This was definitely a heartracing read, while the mystery solving was enjoyable, every time MJ's chapters came up, my heart go to racing again! The clock is ticking and every time MJ, Gilley and crew got closer to finding the person to talk to, they were accosted by the police, had to escape and then move onto the next person, only to repeat the process!

The whodunit person was one I never suspected! Truly, the best mystery ever! I love it when my heart gets pumping like that and every moment is rich with suspense! 

Deadly Forecast wasn't without its humor though! Abby is a lovable heroine who has the tendency to swear a bit too much, so there's a swear jar she must pay a quarter to with every bad word she says. Well, expect for a few times where it doesn't count. And Abby will tell you why in parentheses. She's just so funny like that. Her sister Cat, is crazy...or driving her crazy. Or both actually! She's planning the wedding, has been for a few books now and is driving Abby up the wall, but her quirks are funny though. All the glitz and and glam she has planned makes you tilt your head and ask, "really?" As you will see in my teaser tomorrow!

If you're looking for the cozy mystery read with a paranormal twist, than Victoria Laurie is the author to give a shot! She has two fabulous series, this one, Psychic Eye Mystery and the Ghost Hunter Mystery. Both are incredible with quirky heroines with a good sense of humor! And naturally, there's always a creepy mystery to solve. Jinkies!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. After so many books I am surprised how good each one still is. I'm behind on this series and still need to read the book before this one. I am excited Abby and Dutch are finally getting married. I can never guess the whodoneit in these books either!

  2. I am so far behind on this series but I totally loved the ones I read. Great review...

  3. I'm with you! I LOVED Deadly Forecast. It was so exciting I couldn't put it down. I promised myself I would go slow and savor it, because the next one probably won't be out for another year, but failed miserably. Oh well... maybe I'll go slower the second time around! LOL


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