Jul 18, 2013

Random Thursday

Hey all! Did you hear? Twinkies are back!!

I was browsing the Wal-Mart ad on Sunday and noticed them on the front page!

While I don't eat them anymore since they are a "tad" unhealthy, I was kind of surprised, but not really, to see them back!

Although, I heard from someone else, that now these Twinkies are going to have a  longer shelf life. Makes you wonder how many preservatives and junk they are packing into these things!

While not nearly as delicious, I tend to eat the Weight Watchers "Golden Sponge Cake with Cream Filling!"

I am not on the Weight Watches diet, just the try to eat healthy with occasional unhealthy binge here and there...kind of diet! These are good though and are a healthier alternative to the Twinkie with a similar taste! Although, like with anything, they do require getting use to! So don't eat a real Twinkie followed by one of these! 


  1. Lucky, I have been searching EVERYWHERE in my town to find them, even calling. And of course they are at the stores I don't call or go to. And actually, it is kind of funny about how many preservatives and such were already in Twinkies. There were whole science projects and such built around it. I'm more excited for the cupcakes and donuts that Hostess made to be back. :-)

  2. I tried to find these today... but there weren't any at Walmart! BOO!


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