Jul 23, 2013

Review--Wicked as She Wants by Delilah S. Dawson

True love's kiss isn't enough for this Blud princess. But blood and music may win her heart forever...

After four years in a suitcase, drained and unconscious, Ahnastasia Feodor, Crown Princess of Freesia, is not sure which calls to her more: the sound of music or the scent of blood. The source of both is the handsome and mysterious Casper Sterling, once the most celebrated and self-centered musician in Sangland. Fortunately, bleeding one's subjects dry is expected of Blud royalty. Much to Ahna's frustration, however, the debauched and reckless enigma--he is definitely not a Bludman, though not exactly human either--is her only ticket back to her snow-rimmed and magical homeland. Ahna needs Casper's help to defeat an evil sorceress and claim her throne--if she doesn't drain him first. But as they team up for a harrowing journey filled with pirates and painted ladiies, daimons and dashing Bludman, her craving for blood becomes an unrelenting hunger of the heart...

Delilah S. Dawson returns to the world that is not quite like ours, but similar filled with creatures of varying degrees. Vampire like men and women, beasts of odd variety and more! Wicked as She Wants is different from the first book, Wicked as She Comes, for this one focuses on new characters! One we have met last time around, Casper.

Our heroine and narrator is Ahnastasia, she wakes to the sound of beautiful music only to find herself enclosed in a suitcase. After breaking out, she meets the handsome musician, Casper. Then she tries to feed off him, but that doesn't work out like she planned. After a discombobulating start, she realizes four years have passed, her parents are dead, her sister missing, her brother unaccounted for and that Ravenna, a gyspy Bludwoman has taken over her kingdom. Not things a girl wants to wake up to, but Casper does make up for some of it!

The novel basically becomes a journey as Casper helps Ahna get back to her homeland and take back her kingdom. Accompanying them is a young Pinky--aka human--girl named Keen. She's a mischievous little fireball and made for interesting conversations! The trip wasn't without it's misfortunes, such as riding a flying airship filled with "ladies of the night", being attacked by pirates, having several close encounters with men who wished to do Ahna harm and then there's even a mishap with Van Helsing! So yeah, the trip was definitely an exciting one!

Although, not positive, but I felt like this story was a slightly twisted version of the Anastasia story, though that actually happened some time ago. Partly because of our heroine's name and her situation of being a "lost princess". It was beautifully done and not a complete carbon copy of the story. Much like I saw the first book to be a slightly twisted version of Alice in Wonderland--just a loose sense of being similar.

Casper has definitely changed since the first novel and this being the second, that's kind of remarkable. But his heart had been broken by a particular woman and ever since then his life has slowly fallen to pieces. He seems a broken character in some ways, but then there's still a fierceness to him. He's strong when the situation calls for it. He's also caring and thoughtful. And it's no surprise when he becomes the love interest. I mean we knew that from the beginning, but still, it's always a sight to see when the romance sparks and then burns on through! Casper and Ahna definitely have the kind of romance that sizzles!

The action was paced fairly well. It was a simple sort of plot for the most part, getting Ahna to Freesia and then killing Ravenna. But as I said, the journey to Freesia is where the fun and entertainment comes from! Even as they get closer and closer to their goal, there are still new characters popping up to assist Ahna and there's still lots of lovin happening in between as well! 

Wicked as She Wants was a delightfully wicked read! I look forward to reading more in this series and have now decided I best go and buy the novellas that Delilah has written for this series as well and give those a read!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

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  1. I really liked this one with all the great ideas. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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