Jul 20, 2013

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Bookish Pet Peeves!

*in no particular order


 I can't stand it when the spines of my paperbacks start showing cracks from bending too hard. For the most part my books aren't too bad. A few are because they're older and what not. But every time something bends I freak!! I've had a few get damaged during travel too, it was a little heartbreaking!


 I am a bookmark person, so when I see people fold a corner to mark a page, I cringe inside! I noticed my sister doing this to one of her books and then when she asked to borrow one of mine, I just casually said not to do that and she gives me this look, like seriously?! And I'm like yes!! I'll loan you a bookmark too!

*Note, I couldn't find a picture I felt safe with so I took my planner that I use for blogging and had to demonstrate the bent corner since I couldn't actually do it to a real book! 


I can't stand it when I can't stand the heroine! She's the main character here and she is definitely someone I have to like, tolerate and connect with. If she's constantly doing something to annoy me, chances are very likely that I won't be reading more from the series. 

*FYI: I loved Dexter's Laboratory and Dee Dee was awesome, but Dexter would find her annoying!


We all either love it or hate it. It's not really one of my favorite things to see in books. I like seeing the kind of love that takes time to grow. It's one thing when a couple is already established as such at the beginning of a book, but to have heroine meet hero and then they are jumping in bed together by the next chapter...it's just a tired sigh, like seriously? But I do admit that sometimes the insta-love can be done nicely, but it's still something I sigh over!


It's not a big thing, but it is kind of peevish. I don't like when the covers change mid-series or even very early on in the series, like book 2! 9/10 times I like the first cover or more and then suddenly it changes! And I'm like what?! Why?! Such as The Immortal Rules. I was intrigiued by the first cover and then the second one changes it and it's just kind of blah...Although sometimes the cover changes can be nice or better, but not always. Especially get annoyed when the cover changes just as the series is just about to end!


  1. I right with you there with the cracked spines and bent corners. For this reason, I rarely loan my books out for fear of them coming back damaged.

    Thanks for stopping by my STS this week.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. I think it's funny that you put a Sookie book there to show cracked spines, because they are the series that I have that the spines are the most cracked!! I can't stand bent page corners either. I'll rip a piece of paper and stick it in there before bending a corner. Insta-love gets me unless it's for a very good magical reason and annoying heroines wah-wah-wahing are not books for me. Stand up and fight!! Cover changes do not bother me so much. One thing that bothers me that you didn't list are unbelievable love triangles. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  3. I don't understand people who bend the pages of books to mark a spot. Why would you do that?! A rubber band, a receipt, a dollar, a scrap of paper. Anything could be used to mark your place in a book without resorting to bending the page -shudders-.

  4. cover changes and insta-love are such a pain!!! great picks!!


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