Jul 28, 2013

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.
Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

Had an interesting week of book getting! Got 2 preorders that came in, a gifted one and 2 novellas I decided I wanted as well!

I got as a gift from fellow blogger, Livia Olteano, her self-published read that I was a beta reader for! Now I have me the finished copy! It was a very enjoyable gargoyle read for those looking for a gargoyle romance!

Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano

Thanks Livia!!

Then books that were bought:

Carniepunk by Multiple Authors
Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
The Mysterious Madam Morpho by Delilah S. Dawson

And of course I got this as well:

iPhone 4S

So what did you get this week?


  1. I got an unexpected surprise the other day. I got a book from Tor called Mist by Susan Krinard. It's first in a series and I am so happy that they find sent me a first book instead of books farther down in a series I have never read..lol. It sounds really cool it's about Norse Mythology.

  2. Fantastic haul, Jessica! I've been wanting to read Of Beast and Beauty and I hope you enjoy all your books and your phone! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my STS! I have the 4S too, it's great! Enjoy all of your goodies!

  4. Of Beauty And Beast was excellent and I definitely want to read Carniepunk! Great haul, I hope you enjoy these titles!
    -Scott Reads It

  5. Awesome haul. Happy reading :)

    Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Oh, nice haul! I also got Gargoyle Addiction and have dying to read Of Beast and Beauty. The Mysterious Madam Morpho sounds interesting—adding it to my TBR. Hope you enjoy all your new reads and have a lovely week. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Raina @ The LUV'NV
    Old follower

  7. Jessica--WOW, you got a new phone? That's great! I have a smart phone and hubby has a iPhone, which I have no clue how to work it.
    Haven't heard of your books either, but they look interesting :) Have fun reading ~

  8. Great haul this week! I will be interested to hear what you think of Carniepunk. I am not a big fan of anthologies but that one certainly has an all-star line up. Thanks for visiting my blogs. Happy reading!

  9. I haven't picked up the novellas for Delilah S. Dawson's series yet but her full length books are great. The 2nd one is my favorite so far :-D

    Paranormal Haven

  10. Of Beast and Beauty sounds absolutely amazing, doesn't it? :)
    My Showcase Sunday

  11. Gargoyles? YES! Sign me up! :D

    Great haul this week! Weekly Wrap Up + STS

  12. Yay! I swear I couldn't live without my iphone. I'm dying to get my hands on Of Beast and Beauty. I'm eager to see what you think of it. Hope you enjoy your goodies!! :)

  13. I'm so backwards when it comes to phones, it's hilarious. I work at an internet company where all we do is work on computers with software and technology and I have probably the cheapest phone imaginable. I'm so glad you have the new one! I know it's exciting :D Plus, we have you on Twitter now. I don't know if I have read a book about gargoyles. My first experience with them was The Hollows, and there is one in the book that I am reading now - Grave Witch that I know you've read also. I love it so far by the way. Of Beast and Beauty looks good to me, can't wait to see what you think of that one!! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


    Jessica you lucky lady..... ENJOY!!!

    and thanks for visiting mine here

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

  15. Not heard of those books before today but I do fancy reading Of Beast and Beauty! Hope you enjoy your new reads :)

  16. I've been really curious about of Beast and Beauty :)! I'm curious to see what you think about it. Thanks for stopping by My Haul!


  17. Thanks for stopping by(: OF BEAST AND BEAUTY???! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want that book. Like, yesterday....
    Lol. Happy reading

  18. I *need* to buy Of Beast and Beauty! It's on my to-buy list, but I went to B&N and it wasn't there! And this is why I shop online lol :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  19. Love the cover for Of Beast and Beauty! Great haul! Hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

    Ally @ Book Fixation

  20. I'm not sure how I missed hearing about CarniePunk, but it looks amazing. And iPhone is pretty exciting too. Great books this week. Happy Reading!

  21. Hehehe.... iPhone's make life so much easier... can read anywhere! Enjoy your new books!

    Here's My StS and Sunday Post!
    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  22. Oooh Of Beast and Beauty! I am definitely curious about that one! Carniepunk looks pretty cool too! Enjoy your new reads!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  23. Congratz on the new phone! I don't have an iPhone but I love my iPad and my iPod Touch :D I don't think I could live without my iPad!!

    Of Beast and Beauty is so on my wish list, I just came across that one earlier this week on another blog! It looks fantastic!
    I'm not much for short stories but Carniepunk I've had my eye on, it just looks like it could be really awesome :D

    Have an amazingtastic week! :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  24. Yay to your new phone! Enjoy :) I'm obsessed with mine..

    A fabulous haul! I can't wait to read Of Beast and Beauty.

    Have a great week & happy reading!

  25. Congrats on the new phone enjoy instagarm-ing. I haven't seen any of these titles before happy reading. Gargoyle addiction looks good. Sorry i'm late had a paper to write, and it was due today.

  26. carniepunk was so nice! Happy reading darling!

  27. I am itching to read Carnie Punk and Of Beast and Beauty. Stacey is coming to my area *well really 2 hours away* in a few weekends and I was so disappointed I can't go because its the same weekend as my family camping trip!!!

  28. Yay on a new phone! I don't have an iPhone but I do love my galaxy s2.
    Great haul and I hope you enjoy all your new pretties!
    Thanks so much for passing by my post.

  29. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Of Beast and Beauty. I didn't have enough time before it expired to really get into it, but I want to give it another shot.

    Nice haul!

  30. Of Beast and Beauty looks great! Hope you enjoy these :)


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