May 7, 2015

Random Thursday

More fun facts about the second happiest place on earth! As I was always under the idea that Disney World was the first one!

  • The Haunted Mansion has 999 ghosts in it. 
  • Employees weren't allowed to grow mustaches until 2000.
  • Walt Disney wanted his employees to be clean shaven. Pirates of the Caribbean originally wasn't supposed to be a ride — it was first planned to be a walk-through attraction. The same plan was made for the Haunted Mansion.
  • Real human skeletons were used as props when Pirates of the Caribbean first opened. Today there is only one human skull left in the ride — the one attached to the headboard. 
  • Disneyland park announcer Bill Rodgers and California Adventure park announcer Camille Dixon are married. 
  • Steve Martin worked at Disneyland in the '50s selling guidebooks and working in the magic shop. 
  • Club 33 is the only location in Disneyland where you can buy alcohol. You can score a drink in California Adventure too. 
  • Walt Disney loved spending time with park guests so much that he would sometimes wait in line with them. 


  1. I loved that they had to be clean shaven. I understand with our world being so PC why they can't require it anymore but still. I am liking Walt's requirement there.

  2. That's a bunch of stuff I would have never learned. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Athina @ Between my Lines

  3. Yeah I've heard that Walt was amazing when it came to guest and cast member interaction. I was listening to a podcast and they interviewed an imagineer from back in the day about his time working with Walt and he said every morning Walt would make OJ and greet the cast members coming in to work and invite some of them to breakfast to chit chat.

    What a boss.


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