May 14, 2015

Random Thursday

I have another week's worth of Disneyland Facts after this one! Still haven't stumbled upon any more so next week might be the last week of Disney facts. Sob.

 Thurl Ravenscroft

  1. The ghost voice on one of the busts in the Haunted Mansion is the same voice that sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." His name is Thurl Ravenscroft.
  2. In 1995, there was a time capsule buried in Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It will be opened on Disneyland's 80th anniversary: July 17, 2035.must remember to plan trip there at that time! LOL! The crowds, oh gawd the crowds! 
  3. The first few years the park was open, it was closed Mondays and Tuesdays on the off season? 
  4. It cost $3.50 to get into the park when it first opened.--daaaaaamn 
  5. Walt Disney wanted to build a theme park after taking his daughters to a merry-go-round. 
  6. There was a tobacco shop on Main Street until 1991. 
  7. There was a lingerie shop as well — it only lasted six months and closed in 1956.--omg 
  8. The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty's Castle is real and can be raised or lowered. 



  1. A lingerie shop? Ummm.... ok I can see why that didn't last too long.

  2. WHOA to the time capsule fact! That's so awesome. :D The lingerie shop... Lol. I could actually see people going in there to get Disney underwear. ;)

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

  3. Great weekly. I love the Disney facts. I wish it was still $3.50 to get into the park I would be up for driving the 6 hours for the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy reading!

  4. A lingere shop? What were they going for with that one?

  5. $3.50 to get into Disney land? I blooming wish that happened now. The lingerie shop might have upset some parents, what does any lingerie have to do with Disney?
    Naomi @The Perks Of Being A Bookworm


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