May 29, 2015

Review--Persistence of Memory by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Sixteen-year-old Erin Misrahe just wants to be like everyone else in her new school. But Erin has more to worry about than passing AP Chemistry or making friends. In times of stress, she has always been overcome by her alter ego, Shevaun, whose violent behavior wreaks havoc on those around her. Erin can never remember anything about these episodes, and she’s grateful to have been spared them for a while.

But when a protective friend comes back into Erin’s life, he insists that Shevaun is a vampire who actually exists apart from Erin. Shevaun has dangerous allies, like the handsome witch Adjila—and they’re determined to sever Shevaun’s connection to Erin once and for all.

In Amelia Atwater-Rhodes's thrilling tale of love, loyalty, and illusion, the waking hours are only as safe as the dreams that came before them.

I decided to return to Amelia Atwater-Rhodes's Den of Shadow Series. It took me awhile to realize she had return and now I have five additions to read! Persistence of Memory was an interesting story. Not as incredible as her earlier books that I fell in love with long, long ago, but still an entertaining enough tale!

Erin has problems, she's schizophrenic and has been since she was a child. But things have been getting more complicated in her life lately. Shevaun, her alter identity seems to be taking over more often than not. And now she suddenly finds herself in Shevaun's body at times and there's a guy named Adjila who may or may not be a friend. But life gets even crazier when she finds herself face to face with Shevaun and Adjila when she long thought them to just be dreams. Shevaun is a centuries old vampire and Adjila is a powerful witch.

This was definitely an interesting story. I thought it would be more that Erin has a vampire alter ego rather than Shevaun actually being a real vampire on her own. She and Erin are connected somehow, but the connection must be severed for their own good. Each of them wants to live a life unhindered by the other and it almost feels like a kill or be killed situation. Though things were not as dire as that.

Erin's friends Sassy, who she hadn't seen in years returns and comes to help her, and her friend Marissa has her own secrets as well, but yet there definitely seems to be strong bonds between them and Erin. I just wish we could've seen more of it in the story. Which was rather short at 212 pages, it was almost a one day read, but alas I had to clean the house yesterday and it interrupted my reading flow!

While Persistence of Memory wasn't the best I've read from the author, it was still a unique and enjoyable read. I hope that the next few books in the series can recapture the magic I found in them oh so long ago!

Overall Rating 3.5/5 stars


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  1. yay books that tackle mental illnesses! One things for sure, that cover will definitely grab your attention.

    My question, is she truly unwell or is her body actually being inhabited by the paranormal?


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