May 27, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday

I hate waiting...
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

Keri Arthur, New York Times bestselling author of Fireborn, presents the thrilling new Souls of Fire Novel featuring Emberly Pearson, a phoenix that can transform into a human—and is haunted by the ability to foresee death....

Crimson Death, the plague like virus spawned from a failed government experiment to isolate the enzymes that make vampires immortal, continues to spread. Emberly and her partner, Jackson Miller, are desperately seeking the stolen research for a cure before the virus becomes a pandemic.

But their mission is jeopardized by another threat uncovered in Emberly’s prophetic dreams. A creature of ash and shadow has been unleashed on a murdering spree. Now Emberly must summon all her gifts and investigative knowledge to put an end to this entity’s brutal rampage—even if it means placing herself in harm’s way....

Soooo cannot wait to get back to this series! Still need to read Risa's last book too, but I do remember loving Fireborn!

TITLE: Wicked Embers
AUTHOR: Keri Arthur
PUBLISHER: Signet Select
GENRE: Urban Fantasy

RELEASE DATE: July 7, 2015 

In an exhilarating new series, New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine rewrites history, creating a dangerous world where the Great Library of Alexandria has survived the test of time.…

Ruthless and supremely powerful, the Great Library is now a presence in every major city, governing the flow of knowledge to the masses. Alchemy allows the Library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly—but the personal ownership of books is expressly forbidden.

Jess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library, but the majority of his knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family, who are involved in the thriving black market. Jess has been sent to be his family’s spy, but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his training to enter the Library’s service.

When he inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world, Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is more valuable than any human life—and soon both heretics and books will burn.…

A new Rachel Caine book! Yay! This one sounds very intriguing! I mean there's a LIBRARY involved with it! It has to be amazing just by that fact alone!

TITLE: Ink and Bone
AUTHOR: Rachel Caine
GENRE: Dystopian?--struggle to genreize!

RELEASE DATE: July 7, 2015

Some loves will last ’til your dying breath

Every choice has consequences—but seventeen-year-old Layla faces tougher choices than most. Light or darkness. Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth, or Zayne, the gorgeous, protective Warden she never thought could be hers. Hardest of all, Layla has to decide which side of herself to trust.

Layla has a new problem, too. A Lilin—the deadliest of demons—has been unleashed, wreaking havoc on those around her…including her best friend. To keep Sam from a fate much, much worse than death, Layla must strike a deal with the enemy while saving her city—and her race—from destruction.

Torn between two worlds and two different boys, Layla has no certainties, least of all survival, especially when an old bargain comes back to haunt them all. But sometimes, when secrets are everywhere and the truth seems unknowable, you have to listen to your heart, pick a side—and then fight like hell…

SOOOOOOOOOO cannot wait to read this one! I will be disconnecting myself from internet and such until I can have it read! No spoilers for me! LOL!

TITLE: Every Last Breath
AUTHOR: Jennifer L. Armentrout
PUBLISHER: Harlequin Teen
GENRE: Paranormal YA
RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2015 



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  2. Three great books! I really want to read Every Last Breath and Ink & Bone. Wicked Embers is new to me so I will be looking into it. Great picks.

    My WoW

  3. I have the first book in the new Keri Arthur's series, but still have to try it. I can't wait though! I reviewed the penultimate instalment in the Dark Angel series right at the beginning of the week and, like you, I HAVE to read the big finale! Which is something that is going to happen quite soon . . . ;)

    Great picks!! Here's my WoW :)

  4. I am so excited for JLA as well, sooo...great pick. Hope you get a chance to read it soon.

  5. Great trio!!! I have all three on my wishlist!!! Love the cover of Wicked Embers, glad to see I'm not the only one waiting for it. Thanks for sharing. Happy Reading!! My WoW

  6. I really need to start the Dark Elements series it sounds so good. I'm also really excited about Ink and Bone too. I hope you enjoy these books once you get your hands on them. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

  7. Oh, a new series from Rachel Caine. I've actually never read anything by her before. I haven't read any of this series by JLA, but it sounds really good. I hope you enjoy reading all of these! Thanks for stopping by My WoW.

  8. WOW! Wicked Embers sounds AWESOME!! A phoenix? That's new! I'm really excited to read Ink & Bone, I love Rachel Caine. I still need to read the first books before Every Last Breath, but I plan to soon. Great choices!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My WoW

  9. Ink and Bone is already on my TBR! It looks AMAZING!! I hope you love both of these! :)

    Here's my WoW!

  10. Also can't wait for Ink & Bone -- I love Rachel Caine!!

    Thanks for stopping by My WoW!!

  11. Wicked Embers sounds amazing and that cove is so cool and beautiful!

    I'm not sure about Ink and Bone. I mean it's cool because it involves the Great Library, but I'm still undecided on whether I'll read it.

    I want Every Last Breath right now! I don't want to wait anymore.

    I hope you enjoy all the books you chose!

    Check out my WOW - Vicious Cycle

  12. These look like some great picks!

    I'm seeing Jennifer L. Armentrout around a lot. I haven't read any of her books but keep meaning to!

  13. I haven't heard of any of these, but all their summaries sound good!

  14. I haven't heard of Wicked Embers before. But I'm really excited about Ink and Bone. Great picks!

  15. Those are all on my TBR list! I am dying for Every Last Breath. I am so excited for that one! I hope you get them when they come out! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Britt @ Spare Time book blog

  16. Ink and Bone is new to me! I'm curious, very curious. Especially since I've been meaning to read a Rachel Caine novel.

    Also I tagged you in a thing on my blog. Go see.

  17. Oooh Roth vs. Zayne. You know - I like both of them so it is hard for me! I feel bad for Zayne basically throughout the entire books but Roth is cool, too! *Sigh* I wonder how it'll end up!

  18. All three looked good! Every Last Breath was my pick! Thanks for stopping by my WoW!

  19. I have Every Last Breath but haven't read it yet. I'm looking forward to it! Nice choice!

  20. Yes, yes, yes! Three great picks! I want the last two for sure!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  21. Your second two picks are totally ones that I can't wait for either! Great picks this week!
    Check out my WOW

  22. I've heard some great things about Ink and Bone! I'm definitely curious about checking that one out. Great picks this week!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  23. I haaaaaate the new covers of the Dark Elements series. So plain and cliche! But I can't wait to read Ink & Bone! I hope you enjoy these when you read them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  24. I hope you enjoy these when you read them, Jessica. Awesome picks!

    Thank you for stopping by my post earlier. Happy reading!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  25. I haven't read the soul of fire series but I might just add it to my TBR. As for the other two, oh my god I love Rachel Caine and Jennifer L. Armentrout. I've read both the Morganville Vampire series by RC and Obsidian by JLA! I can't believe their both having new books coming out I am so looking forward to them.

    Betsy @ I Sold My Soul For Books

  26. I just saw Ink and Bone on another site. Seems to be popular. Every Last Breath, yeah , I'm waiting on this one too.

  27. I'm super curious about the new Rachel Caine book! And I need to read the Armentrout series as well. :) Great picks!

  28. Every Last Breath! Can't wait and yet I'm so nervous!

  29. How fun to have a shape-shifting human/phoenix! And I'm already hearing a lot about the new Armentrout book.

    Happy reading!

  30. I cannot wait to have Every Last Breath in my hands! I need to know how that series wraps up.

  31. WOW, Jessica, your three picks sound amazing! I hope you'll get a chance to read them soon :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


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