May 12, 2015

Review--The Sandman by Erin Kellison

The world Darkside is in turmoil when Chimera Marshal Steve Coll, bloody and beaten, makes it back to Maze City and into Maisie’s arms. He bears a terrible message—The Sandman, the god of the world of dreams, is rising, and he’s bringing devastation to the waking world. Steve must embrace his dual nature to save those he’s sworn to protect. And yet, how can he fight a being who destroys everything in his path?

Even awake, no one is safe.

After the fall of the black market, Maisie Lane’s city is overrun with criminals who want her dreamscape for their own. She’s always envisioned Maze City populated, but not with people like these. Nevertheless, she must relinquish some of her control not only to save the man she loves, but to protect and defend her precious city. While friends and family face danger and betrayal, another enemy is lurking in the shadows.

As time runs out, Maisie and Steve must fight with everything they have, or lose it all, including each other. And even if they somehow prevail, nothing will ever be the same.

The Sandman is the seventh installment in the Reveler serial, a hot paranormal romance set in a world where shared dreaming is a new pop culture phenomenon that allows people to indulge their wildest fantasies. But there are also unknown dangers Darkside; nightmares are slowly infiltrating not only dreams, but the waking world as well.

Revel with me.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Erin Kellison returns to the Reveler Series! It's not over yet and there's still more to come! This novella series has become highly addicting! I love it!

The Sandman is the seventh installment and it is a series you really should start from the beginning, just to get a better grasp of who's who and whatnot. Plus there are other plot details that come along and are mentioned, so you might spoil yourself for a past event. And really, this series goes by so fast you'll want to "revel" in it as much as you can, from the beginning even!

In this one, we have chaos! Lots and lots of chaos! Steve comes to Maze City nearly dead, he's injured and broken. Other black market revelers are intruding on the city as well, and it's taking everything Maisie and her new friends have in order to keep her city in her control. But there's yet another new enemy in her world, one who is proving to be quite a menace and not easily gotten rid of.

There's still turmoil and chaos in the waking world as well. For the message Steve came bearing was that the Sandman has risen. The big bad. And he's headed for the waking world. 

In this one, we get to see all the characters previously met. We don't spend more time with any of them really. This go around, it felt like everyone got equal page time. Though sadly, Maisie and Steve don't get enough together time, but their page time is still equal to the others on their own. Though I am still left wondering about the fate of one couple. We are left with shaky information on one and the second of the pair just kind of disappears. I take it to meet up with the other...but yeah...definitely left wondering about those two! LOL! Sorry for the vagueness!

The Sandman was pretty much awesome! It really racks up the action and impending doom. Unless our heroes can save the day! And now to wait for book 8 in the series!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


  1. ahh... i should start reading this series soon

  2. Great review it sounds awesome. I've heard of the author but not this book. It sounds like my kind of book and I'm adding it to my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing.


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