May 28, 2015

Random Thursday

So just as I am preparing to look through some random factoids books I bought, I found an article with surprising facts about DISNEY WORLD!! How lucky was that?! So I'll have about 5 weeks worth of some fun facts about the Happiest Place on Earth!

These facts were taken straight from the article as I find it easier to let you read her words then try to reword it! Credits go to Hilary White, the author of the article. Don't want to share its location because then you'll know my fun facts for the next few weeks! ;) I'll share it at the end though!

  • Each day, an average of 210 pairs of sunglasses are turned in to Disney's lost and found.--Disney says that "since 1971, an estimated 1.65 million pairs of glasses have found their way into the 'lost' bin. On an annual basis, Lost and Found cast members collect more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 18,000 hats and 7,500 autograph books."--WOW I'd like to think I would know that I lost something like a camera or phone! Or autograph book!
  • Mickey and Minnie have hundreds of unique outfits.--Mickey Mouse has over 135 sets of different outfits, and Minnie has more than 100.--shocked Mickey has more! At least they're making it seem that way!
  • There are about 74,000 cast members in Central Florida.--People who work for Disney World are not called employees; they are called cast members and must always be in character when on duty. 
  • The Cinderella mosaic is symbolic.--Disney says that "guests can see that each of Cinderella's stepsisters appears with her own special facial tint. One sister displays a red tint to show that she is 'red with rage,' while the other sister displays a green tint to show that she is 'green with envy,' as they both watch Cinderella try on the glass slipper to reveal a perfect fit."
  • Disney World is HUGE.--It spans about 40 square miles, making it the size of San Francisco or two Manhattan islands. According to Disney, of the approximately 25,000 acres, about a third is conservation land.--WHOA! Never realized the WHOLE resort was that huge! I mean I knew it was BIG but WHOA!
  • Over 75 million Coca-Colas are consumed each year at the Disney World resort.--Not to mention 13 million bottles of water.--Daaaaamn!
  • Animal Kingdom is Disney World's largest theme park.--never would've guessed that, but it does make sense! All those animals need room to roam!
  • Newlyweds can see the Cinderella Castle from the altar of Disney World's wedding pavilion.--I now know where I want need to get married!;)


  1. These are so cool...I love learning all these unique facts!!! I have been to Disneyland but not to Disneyworld....YET!! Its on my bucket list.

  2. These are some cool facts- I think they should make a display of the sunglasses- how they changed over the years.

  3. Dang!! I hope most of those people got their phones/cameras back, or at least noticed they didn't have them. Wow. When we used to go every other summer or so, my mom would wear a fanny pack (not the most fashionable but such a smart necessity). I can see why now. Everything that we needed was up against her not in some hulking bag that could easily spill. Looking forward to the next five weeks!


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