Jun 28, 2017

Comic Review--Scooby Apocalypse 10-14 by Keith Giffens & J.M. DeMatteis

Jinkies! Velma is gone! Can the gang put their feelings about her aside long enough to rescue her from the apocalyptic wasteland that she helped create? They better do so quickly, because a powerful puppy is right on their tail!

Moving right along to my comic book series Scooby Apocalypse! It’s been a few months since I last read the first nine issues and diving back in with such a gap proved to once again be dangerous! Issue 10 was rather exciting as it seemed a lot has happened since we last left our heroes. Velma is in overlord mode apparently as she reigns supreme over the monsters that she helped unleashed onto Earth, as we learned last issue. She has Daphne in her clutches and is ready to exact her own kind of vengeance. Will Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred be able to rescue Daphne in time?

Rating 4/5 stars

Jinkies! Velma is gone! Can the gang put their feelings about her aside long enough to rescue her from the apocalyptic wasteland that she helped create? They better do so quickly, because a powerful puppy is right on their tail!

The gang is on the hunt for Velma. They’ve read the files on her laptop she left them. They know she was involved in what is happening to the world they knew. While Daphne seems to harbor a little more resentment than the rest, they are still determined to find her. They know they’ll need her anyway if they ever hope to reverse what was done.

This was another enlightening issue! We get a little more details on Velma and her brothers and what they accidentally caused to happen to the Earth. I truly love seeing this different version of Scooby Doo! There’s still just enough hints of nostalgia to the comic series that I can’t help but enjoy! Plus the bad guys list is definitely racking up in this one! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Rating 5/5 stars

It’s a Dinkley family reunion! Can Velma reconcile with one of her brothers in order to the save the world that they destroyed? Or is someone else to blame for the apocalypse?

This issue of Scooby Apocalypse shows the gang trying to reach Velma’s brother Rufus. So it’s a brief, nonexistent road trip to Seattle where they find the city look just as damaged and desolate as the others they’ve seen. It’s somewhat of a struggle to get through all the carnage, and since Fred’s still injured he’s left to guard the Mystery Machine, much to his dismay.

We also see snippets of Rufus with his wife Daisy. And we get a better idea of his character if last issue’s wasn’t enough. There’s definitely no sibling love between him and Velma, it’s a scary thought of what will happen when they are reunited!

We also get another little adventure with Scrappy Doo! I was most excited to see him again! Though there wasn’t any enlightening character developing moments, there was still a teeny bit of it! I’m anxious to see if he and Scooby will ever be reunited and what will come of it if they are!

It’s still kind of surreal seeing Mystery Inc. in this way. I’m used to the original Scooby series from my childhood times and I can still hear the original voices when I read this too! This is definitely not your traditional Scooby Doo, but I can’t help but like it all the same! And I’m really curious to see when/how things will be resolved, yet I really don’t want to say goodbye to this series so soon!

Rating 4/5 stars

After a disastrous meeting with Velma’s evil brother, the gang must battle their way out of his terrifying skyscraper. With danger on every floor, how will they make it out alive?

This next issue involves a family reunion between Velma and her brother Rufus and it goes as well as you can expect! There’s definitely some family issues between the brother and sister and we already know that Rufus isn’t quite right in the head anymore! To make matters worse, there’s a horde of monsters gathering outside Rufus’ penthouse building!

I’m always amazed at how quick comics are! Mind you, I haven’t read many in my day. I used to read the Scooby Doo Where Are You? series a few years back, but stopped at some point. They go by so quickly, and yet while it may only be the equivalent of a scene or two (based on book reading) you still see a lot happen! The story moves forward about another inch and you’re left hanging on a cliffhanger for the next issue! That’s the other bad part, there is always a cliffhanger waiting for you!

We get another side adventure with Scrappy Doo and his new pet in this one! Another little moment that tugs at the heartstrings! Loving this series!

Rating 5/5 stars

Velma’s brother turns sibling rivalry up to extremes in his quest to rule the monsters…but the creatures are more interested in attacking his skyscraper than in being his loyal subjects. Can Velma, Scooby and the gang stop him from carrying out his plans to mutate the creatures even more? Plus, in the backup story: Brainy super-dog Scrappy-Doo and his pet human kid are hot on the trail of a puzzle. Monsters are migrating, but to where?

Eek! OMG! That cliffhanger!! Pure evil!! I knew I should’ve waited until next month to read a few more issues!! Because eeek!! Needless to say this issue of Scooby Apocalypse really kept me on my toes! Though the cover I got, makes no sense after the last issue! I was half-expecting to see Rufus again!

We’re now seeing the monsters all ambling about, like they’re being controlled. They don’t really react to Scooby and gang when Velma tries to test a theory. With Daisy now in tow, their motley crew is growing. We also get more snippets with Scrappy Doo and his posse. No side adventures for them this time. Scrappy is still desperately trying to find Velma so she can fix his tech-ware so that he can stay a smart and capable puppy. Plus, he wants Scooby Doo, his uncle, for something as well. I can’t remember if we learned what that was yet…

Things get pretty dicey when the gang splits up—but not in the pairings you might guess—and trouble finds them! Talk about an epic cliffhanger! And the little teaser note the writers left just seems cruel! LOL! A fantastic comic series so far and I can’t wait for next month’s issue!

Rating 5/5 stars

Since I seem to be binging these issues  in spurts, my memory of the previous ones is a little fuzzy, but I like that you don't really need to remember all the details. We do get recaps of what's vital and I like that! Binging a few issues at a time though does seem to be a good way to go, except you never know when there will be a killer cliffhanger at the end! I feel like there are still things we've yet to learn. Velma had four brothers, I believe we've only learned of two of their fates, so there's still two more brothers who could be of possible help. 

This is definitely not your ordinary Scooby Doo, but yet, I am really liking this new dystopic setting! It makes for quite an exciting read, if a little on the short side! the drawings are pretty awesome too! I still can't quite see my beloved characters in this new one, all the different artists who contribute to this series definitely give new life to everyone. And I was noticing that different artists contribute to different issues, instead of the same team. I feel like I can notice that in the drawings sometimes, but I'm never really positive on who drew what. Keith Giffens and J.M. DeMatteis do seem to be continuing masterminds of writing though! Still, this is a series all Scooby Doo Fans need to check out!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars 


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