Jun 8, 2017

Review--Night Magic by Jenna Black

Jenna Black returns to the quarantined city of Philadelphia, where an unsuspecting seventeen-year-old has unknowingly unleashed a dark power that transforms the city into a monstrous hellscape in Night Magic.

Philadelphia is locked in the grip of an evil magic that transforms its streets into a nightmare landscape the minute the sun sets each night. While most of the city hunkers down and hopes to survive the long winter nights, Becket Walker is roaming the darkened streets having the time of her life.

Once, the guilt of having inadvertently let the night magic into the city―and of having killed her onetime best friend―had threatened to destroy her. But now she’s been Nightstruck, and all her grief and guilt and terror have been swept away―along with her conscience. So what if she’s lost her friends, her family, and her home? And so what if her hot new boyfriend is super-controlling and downright malevolent?

Mesmerized by the power and freedom of not having to care about anyone but herself, Becket is sinking ever deeper into the night magic’s grasp. But those who love her refuse to give up on her―even if she’s given up on them. If they can’t find a way to help Becket break the night magic’s hold, the entire city might soon find itself shrouded in perpetual night. But the last thing Becket wants is to be “rescued” from her brand new life, and she will fight tooth and claw to stay exactly where she is.

OMG! Jenna Black has done it again!! Night Magic is the second installment in this terror filled series! And it HAS to be a trilogy at least because OMG THAT ENDING!!!!

We pick things up nearly right where the left off, if you remember Philadelphia has been taken over by Night Magic. Every night once the sun goes down, shadows and monstrous things take over the city, leading the charge is the mysterious Aleric. It's not really clear on what he is, I'm suspecting a demon of some kind. Since Becket was tricked into being outside during the transition and her emotions were all over the place after having shot her best friend, after she had had her father killed, Becket became Nightstruck.

She and Aleric are basically having the time of their lives causing chaos and inciting terror. But it seems there's still a part of the old Becket in her. She doesn't always cater to Aleric's whims or bow to his will. She's no ordinary Nightstruck. It becomes clear when with Aleric's help they are able to create little pockets of eternal darkness in Philadelphia with the use of Becket's blood. Then Luke walks back into the picture and he's determined to bring Becket to the side of the light, literally! 

I feel like in this one, we get a better understanding of the creepiness of the Nightstruck. Since we get Becket's point of view, it was rather interesting seeing her side of things since she's joined the enemy, however unwillingly. At times she realizes what she's doing is wrong, but the darkness that has basically taken her over, can't quite care. Even when trying to join the other Nightstruck with their merriment, she often finds herself going off on her own. And that's when she ends up going back to Luke for really awkward conversations. Lol. 

Even though the book seems rather short at 288 pages, I must say, a LOT happens! Night Magic is one jammed pack kind of read! The first part I would say is a learning experience of the Nightstruck and then the second part is all about the action...because I won't get into those details because spoilers! Needless to say this was one rockin read!!!

The pacing to this one was incredible! I'll admit we do have some downtime moments, but they don't really drag down the story. Those moments help to enhance some great character development! And did I mention Luke is back?! Now I'm all for bad boys in books, but I am completely falling for the golden boy next door!

The ending to this one you guys...ooohhh deary me!! It's one heck of a gut-punching ending! If you thought the cliffhanger in Nightstruck was killer, just wait until you get a read of this one! If you're looking for that positively creepy read filled with amazingly real characters than I highly recommend this series!! It's a pure delight...and just a little bit of fright!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


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  1. I can't wait to read both books. Just weird and scary enough for me. LOL


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