Jun 12, 2017

Dianey Jansport Backpacks!!

It's been a loooong time since I've had a post of complete randomness! And instead of scheduling this moment for a Random Thursday I thought I would just share it here!

Last week when I was reading one of my Disney emails, I subscribe to a lot of them apparently! LOL! I noticed in one they talked about Jansport Disney backpacks!! And I was like whoa!! Jansport was THE backpack to have back in my school days. In fact, I still have mine! It's definitely held up over the years and it was only recently I noticed it started to deteriorate on the inside. Not like literally disintegrating, but something with the shellack or whatever kind of coating it might have had on the inside is starting to flake off. But yeah, that sucker lasted me likely since late middle school!

Though sadly I did notice the quality of Jansport has gone down hill. Though as I am looking at this website, I'm wondering if it's because they've developed so many different styles. Sure you have the one with a leather bottom and there were always ones that had one or two sections. But I when I saw my niece get one for Christmas two years ago, it felt like the quality itself had lessened. But maybe because it was a "standard" one? I'm not sure!

While I'd love to share ALL the pictures, that's obviously time consuming what with ALL the different designs they have! So I'll show a few favorites! I wish I knew where I could actually buy one in person, just so I could know I was getting that same high grade quality from yesteryear, because I totally would buy one! I still use my backpack for bigger multi-signings, so it's safe to say I got my money's worth out of that one! After looking at some of these it seems they're all one section backpacks and sadly I feel that won't work for me as I prefer the two section ones, because more room for books! 

You can find all of these and MORE at Jansport's website, click here for the DISNEY page!!

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  1. My coworker has a Donald bag, I'm pretty jealous every day.


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