Jun 8, 2020

Let's Discuss: Amazon Rant

Okay, time for everyone's favorite. Another rant. This time it's about Amazon. Or possibly again. I didn't bother checking if I ranted about this before. Lol. Now, I get that we're still in tough COVID times. That when you preorder a book, you will no longer receive it on release day as promised before this horrendous time. But now, I don't even get my ordinary stuff when they promise!

Amazon Rant

The problem is Amazon. Amazon will tell you one thing and then do another thing entirely! Like this past weekend. On Friday I ordered an item that I was told ORDER IN THE NEXT x HOURS AND x MINUTES AND GET IT SATURDAY, JUNE 6TH! 

Did it arrive Saturday, nope. Did it arrive Sunday? No way. When I checked tracking Sunday morning, I was told USPS will be delivering it and it has just left the main USPS hub in my city Sunday morning. So I'll either get it today or tomorrow. So the 8th or the 9th...when they said "order now and get it tomorrow!"

And I get it, COVID times are rough on shipping and what not. I really do get it. But don't tell me ahead of time I can get something the next day when you cannot guarantee it! I'd rather Amazon tell me "ORDER NOW AND GET IT ON JUNE 9TH!" and have it show up on June 8th. That would be a happier circumstance. There is no longer any Prime benefits because of COVID, I get it. We all get it. All we can do is watch whatever movies they have to offer. Or ordering the magical "essential" items because god forbid we think literature is essential! But don't give me this Prime shipping timeframe when you're not guaranteeing it anymore.

It just aggravates me because the WHOLE reason I signed up for Prime was the fast shipping and the getting new releases on release day. COVID has totally f*$#ed that up for Amazon. I'm getting the occasional email about a book releasing next month and how I will get it Thursday after its release. The same for another book this month...if I decide to keep the order. 

I'm wondering if that's why some later releases aren't giving a ship date yet because they're "hopeful" that they can go back to normal, but I feel doubtful of that. So now I spent a fortune on Amazon Prime this year since the price skyrocketed up and I received no benefits from it. I had maybe a month of getting books on time on release day and that was in January. By February they were charging full price for books and I refuse to pay full price for a book with Amazon. I'll go elsewhere before I do that. Pay full price and get the book days after its released. So aggravating.

There's my rant. I just wanted to rant to someone since at the time of writing this post I am home alone and have no way of venting and getting my words off my chest.

So roundabout spin, do you ever just need to vent to someone to get it out and have it heard? Do you talk to a friend or family member? Do you write a blog post about it? I find this to be very therapeutic. I like to be able to get things off my chest in a rant--written or verbal--because it's like letting go of it. Yeah, I'll still be angry a few minutes after writing this post, but the anger will have dulled.

How do you get things that bug you off your chest?

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