Jun 18, 2020

Random Thursday

We're nearing the end of the little book of Weird But True facts by Leslie Gilbert Elman! There's still a decent amount left since I do five a week, but that's roughly 10 weeks left! But don't worry! I bought another book of weirdness I will share with you guys because I am enjoying learning these weird things and sharing the knowledge!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
The phrase "Iron Curtain" is credited to Winston Churchill who used it to describe the division between Europe and other countries who were strongly influenced by the Soviet Union and the other countries who were not. He used this phrase in the speech he gave at Westminster College in Fulton, MO on March 5, 1946.

Honestly, never heard of this phrase!

(image borrowed from International Cat Care)
Winston Churchill had a cat, named Cat.

FUN FACT: Churchill had another cat, an orange one named Jock, that was given to him by Sir John "Jock" Colville, his private secretary. Now, Churchill's home at Chartwell always has an orange cat around, always named Jock.

That's fun. I used to have a friend who named his dog, D.O.G. He basically spelled it out all the time to call him! Lol.

(image borrowed from Pet WebMD)
Thomas Hardy, an English author, had a cat named Kiddleywinkempoops.

Now that's a mouthful to say everyday!

(image borrowed from YouTube)
Did you know that the urine from cats, dogs, and humans all contain phosphorous which causes it to glow greenish yellow when it's exposed to ultraviolet light?

Makes you look at glow-in-the-dark Gak differently now, doesn't it? Lol!

(image borrowed from The Sims Wiki-Fandom)
On average, most people will produce 10,000 gallons of urine and flush (we hope!) the toilet 140,000 times during their lifetime.

I present, one of the early The Sims toilets! I only ever played up to The Sims 2, which was still fun what with the total customization of the characters! Lol.

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