Jun 4, 2020

Random Thursday

I like to dub this next section of Leslie Gilbert Elman's Weird But True, Fun with Flags! Lol! Seems like we'll be getting into particular flags in this section! For the most part before we segue into the next topic!

 (image borrowed from Wikipedia)
Despite being a world famous pacifist and was nominated five times for the Noble Peace Prize, Mohandas K. Ghandi never won.

That seems sad. I mean, seriously. He was Ghandi!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)
The twenty-four spoke wheel that is in the center of India's flag symbolizes forward progress. Originally the wheel was a spinning wheel to honor Ghandi's campaign to encourage people to make their own hand-spun khadi fabric for their clothes. Ghandi viewed khadi as a symbol of self-sufficiency and unity for his people.

FUN FACT: India's flag code states that all official flags must be made from hand-spun, handwoven fabric.

That's interesting!

(image borrowed from USA Today)
Red is the most popular color seen in flags. 75% of the world's flags has read in them...and 70% have white.

FUN FACT: There are at least 20 nations that have only red, white, and blue in their country's flag's colors. Some of these are Australia, Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, France, Iceland, Laos, The Netherlands, North Korea, Norway, Panama, Russia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

You know I kind of noticed this when I was a kid and we did a great big world flag's project where we all colored a flag from another country.

(image borrowed from Pinterest)
As Sheldon Cooper once explained, "vexillology" is the study of flags. It comes from the Latin word for "curtain."

I find that puzzling, curtain...flag...they're both fabric, but that's about it!

(image borrowed from Chicago Canvas)
The theater curtains that separates the audience from the show itself are a fairly new invention in terms of theater. They didn't appear until after 1660. The Greeks who pretty much invented theater didn't have them, nor did Shakespeare.

Makes sense since way back when, plays happened outside in amphitheaters for the most part.

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