Nov 23, 2020

Let's Discuss: Pancakes or Waffles?

So I was reading a promo email I got from Kelloggs and saw that they were going to have for the season Gingerbread Pancakes and I was like...pancakes? Why not waffles? And that brought to mind a great discussion...


Pancakes or Waffles?

Which do you prefer? I've always been more of a waffle girl myself! To me, pancakes just get too soggy too quickly. Waffles have that slight toasted crispiness to it! I remember as a kid being told I needed to finish my pancake breakfast and it was always a struggle. I guess that was just what was for breakfast that day.

But yeah, every time I have breakfast with my family for whatever reason and if pancakes are being made, I just pass. I'd rather have a waffle! I know Eggo has some holiday flavored ones but I never had one myself. These days I go for the healthier ones. Lol!

So what about you? Are you a pancake or waffle person? Or do you like both? Or neither? What's your stance?


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