Nov 27, 2020

Let's Discuss: Supernatural Finale's been a week since the series finale of Supernatural aired and I cannot keep silent any longer! I have thoughts and feels over how this last episode went and I've been dying to vent! I mean I vented with my mom about it because we were both of the same mind! I spent 15 years watching, loving, and adoring this show so here we go! If you haven't watched it yet and don't want to be spoiled, please stop here!

Supernatural Finale

Okay, somewhere down the line of the show, like maybe halfway through I always wondered, how would Supernatural end? Like really end? The boys have died and come back sooo many times that it felt like death was just a minor setback for them.

So when we got to the episode before the finale, the one where Jack becomes the new God I thought, that wasn't too bad of an ending. I mean, I guessed I hoped for a little more. Like what will Sam and Dean do now? But that wasn't the end. And as it turns out, the hunting monster business was pretty slow. And then it happened...Dean dies! For real this time! Aaaagh!!

Then the rest of the episode was just a montage of Sam living out his life with a faceless wife. I mean was it Eileen? Did she get to come back? Was it someone else entirely? I hate when shows make the spouse faceless, True Blood did that and it ticked me off then too.

I the long run, I always suspected that the show would have to end with the brothers' deaths. Like their final death and no coming back. I guess I was thinking it would be more on the "saving-the-world" basis though and not hunting mishaps.

The ending wasn't terrible, but I guess I just had hopes for something more and not 1/4 of the show driving me to tears with Carry on My Wayward Son playing in the background. I will admit I was taken aback when that didn't play in the series wrap-up and it was also a tiny bit of a letdown too.

Did I hate the ending? Not so much. Did I wish for something just a tad different? Yes. Most definitely. I don't think having Sam and Dean living HEA lives next door to each other would've been their "thing" and I would've been bothered by the ending had it gone that route, but maybe not as much. Although part of me expected Sam to just get into the Impala with Dean and Dean still says "driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole!" LOL!

Still, it was a wild ride for the last 15 years (minus COVID f-ing things up) and I was happy to be apart of it since DAY ONE! :D

So if you read this and watched the show, what were your thoughts on the finale?

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