Nov 1, 2020

Series Spotlight: The Weather Wardens


Time for a little series spotlight! As you all probably know by now, the beloved Rachel Caine is not doing well healthwise, so I wanted to do this series spotlight post on one of her earlier series, The Weather Wardens! This was the first series I read by Rachel and was one I found in my days of strolling the shelves at Borders.

This series in a nutshell, involved magical people who had an affinity with weather elements. They used their powers to help tame Mother Nature so that people and society wouldn't suffer so greatly that they couldn't recover. So they'd try to basically tame a storm so it's not devastating, calm some winds here, fight back the fires so firefighters can get them put out...that kind of thing! Add in they have "relationships" with the djinn that aren't always happy ones and you have a bit of chaos on your hands.

The Djinn, as we may know, are sort of like genies. They have phenomenal cosmic powers that they are usually forced to use to help the Wardens. They too are usually trapped into jars and such and are only let out when the Warden who "owns" them commands them. That is a whole other issue that gets addressed in the series as well.

The series focuses on our heroine Joanne. In the first book she's wanted for murder and crimes she didn't commit and is on the run. She's trying to find her friend Lewis, another Warden who is also on the run and has three Djinn bottles in his possession. 

This series was beyond awesome! It's a completed one, so you can happily read it all in one go now AND there was a spinoff that focused on a Djinn too! This series was seriously epic you guys and yes, there was romance in it too between Joanne a Djinn! I won't say more than that. I probably have a few reviews of the later books on my blog, but I will warn you, those are from the early days of blogging and may be pretty scary! Lol!

But if you're looking for an action packed series that treads on a different level of paranormal THIS SERIES IS IT! It was a never-ending thrill ride AND another positive note that made me love this series as my TBR pile continued to grow, there's a short recap in each book where Joanne gives you the lowdown of what just happened and where she's at and what's about to go down. It's a continuing series so each book picks up where the last left off and it was beyond amazing!!! Do check this one out asap as you know, buying the books now will greatly help Rachel's family in the long run.

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