Nov 15, 2020

The Guilty Reader Book Tag


I saw this tag recently over at Stuck in Books and thought it looked like fun! I'm not sure where it originated since she didn't mention it. I also borrowed this image from her!

Have You Ever Re-Gifted a Book You'd Been Given?

I want to say yes...I just can't recall what book it was? Or it may have been more I bought myself a book, read it once, didn't like it, gifted it to a friend! I'm extremely gentle with my books so they usually always look brand new! :)

Have You Ever Said You Read a Book When You Haven't?

Probably just school related ones...and only in school situations. Lol. There were books we HAD to read, I tried reading them but omg they were so boring. I might have used cliffnotes and such to help me through that unit!

Have You Ever Borrowed a Book and Not Returned It?

Of course not!

Have You Ever Read a Series Out of Order?

I started to read one series out of order because I didn't realize I was grabbing book 2 from the store shelf. I think it took me about 30 pages since they kept referencing something a few weeks ago that was HUGE! Lol. I may of had to start HP 3 because my sister insisted reading HP 2 first, but then she took too long, so I snatched it and read it first! Lol.

Have You Ever Spoiled a Book for Someone?

Not unless asked. And then that's not even spoiling if they asked!

Have You Ever Dog-Eared a Book?

I think this answers that question...

Have You Ever Told Someone You Haven't Read a Book When You Have?

No, that just seems silly. I've never been ashamed of the books I've read or want to read.

Have You Ever Skipped a Chapter Or a Section of a Book?

Sadly yes. When things start to slow down and never pick up for chapters on end, I start skimming things, usually reading the dialogue and glazing over the "actions." But it's rare, thankfully.

Have You Ever Bad Mouthed a Book You Actually Liked?

God no. Why would I do that?

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