Nov 12, 2020

Random Thursday


Time for more fun facts that are bizarre and amazingly true about animals in True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley!


(image borrowed from Youtube)

The people who measured Mount Everest for the first time lied about how tall it was. The measurement was 29,000 feet but because it was a rounded number they thought people wouldn't believe it, so they added two more feet to it. Today the official height is listed as 20,029 feet. 

Sooo, did it grow? Did the land shrink? Was it accurately measured the first time? Seems a stretch to go from 29,002 to 29,029!



(image borrowed from Youtube)

It would take over a million mosquitoes to drain a person of their blood.

Well, that's a relief...I think...



(image borrowed from E! Online)

When a baby starts to develop in the womb, one of the first things to form is an anus. 


We were all once disembodied butts!


(image borrowed from Rocko's Modern Life Wiki)


A 200lb human on average carries between 2-6 pounds of bacteria.

Oh that's gross.


(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

Did you know that octopuses have three hearts?

And yet, Ursula was pretty heartless!

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