Nov 26, 2020

Random Thursday


Time for another rousing round of facts about animals and nature that I bet you never heard of before! I know I haven't! Lol! Let's get back to True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley!


(image borrowed from Daily Mail)

The lesser water boatman insect has the loudest penis in the animal kingdom. Yes, you read that right! The sound is so loud that it measures at 99.2 decibels and scientists thought their equipment was malfunctioning. The lesser water boatman is the loudest animal on earth relative to its body size.

I mean...really?



(image borrowed from Cow and Chicken Wiki Fandom)

There once was a chicken who survive two years after having its head cut off. Mike the Headless Chicken survived the ax when it missed his jugular vein and most of his brain stem.

Whoa. Did not know that was even possible!



(image borrowed by Science Mag)

Did you know butterflies taste with their feet? Their taste sensors are in their feet!

How bizarre!



(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know goats have accents? Goats in different parts of the world have different bleats and are recognizably distinctive to their region.

Whoa! That is so weird and cool! 


(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Reindeer don't actually have red eyes. Their color changes through the year, in the wintertime, they're blue. This helps them see in lower light.

I did not know their eye color changes seasonally! Or at all really!

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