Feb 23, 2021

Let's Discuss: Door Peepholes


Okay, so again, as I was watching Are You Afraid of the Dark this weekend, I was noticing something that I have noticed before in other TV shows and movies. The doors. Have you ever noticed something weird about people's front doors? They have NO peepholes!!! What is up with that?

Where Have All the Peepholes Gone?

Sidenote: yes, I have 90s fever on the brain! Lol.

Okay, I know even as I start this discussion, not all doors have peepholes. Our current front door does not, and honestly, that is one thing I don't like about it. Yes, there's side windows that are foggy so as not to let people peek in, but obviously, if you were to "peek out" people would see you. I liked that the peephole allows for the privacy of checking to see if it's a cute little Girl Scout at your door or some other dude selling junk you don't want! Lol.

But back to TV and movies and their doors. Why don't they ever have a peephole? Or even if they do...why don't people use it when they hear that ominous knock? When the lights suddenly go out and there's a loud echoing knock...WHY would you pull your curtains back and look out the window?! Yes, if there's no peephole I see that temptation. But honestly, when I hear it I try to peek out the window in the room next to the door to try to see what's going on...mainly waiting for said person to walk away from our door.

I always felt like peepholes in doors were kind of necessary for safety reasons. I mean seriously, if you live alone and someone's knocking on your door, you kind of want to see who it is without them seeing you. Wouldn't you? Why are manufacturers making doors without these anyway? It drives me nuts. Do they not see this as a safety precaution? I mean I guess I see there being a reason why one would not want this in their door.

I remember once as a kid, I saw a movie I shouldn't have because of an inconsiderate adult, where the person checked the peephole at the door after hearing a knock and the bad guy had a gun to the peephole on his side and shot her. Soooo....yeaaaaaahhh...I do have that bit of fear with peepholes.

Do we think maybe the lack of peepholes is on part of the movie making people. Like let's not let the character have that safety option? Let's let them be stupid and look out the window point blank!


Have you ever noticed this with movies or TV shows lately? It's the same thing with people leaving their doors unlocked all the time! From small town places to freaking New York and other large cities! Lol.





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