Feb 21, 2021

TV Show Review--Are You Afraid of the Dark S2.2


All right let's talk about Part 2 in the new Are You Afraid of the Dark: Curse of the Shadows. Omg, this one got seriously creepier! The Midnight Society is still trying to figure out why their missing friend Connor was in the woods and what he was doing in the cursed woods with the lighthouse and thus being taken by the Shadowman. They find Connor's laptopn but it's password protected and they can't figure it out but they're trying to work on it.

Meanwhile, we learn that a few of the Midnight Society members are having nightmares about the Shadowman wherein that they are taken by it. And it is soon revealed that Jai got their timing wrong what with daylight savings and "twilight." All of them were caught in the woods after sunset and are fair game for the Shadowman.

Can I say how freaking creepy this Shadowman is? I mean, you can never fully see him, because shadows and darkness. But you get this glimpse that he's a skeletal humanoid with antlers and is made of tree bark and has creepy claw like hands. He's freaking creepy you guys! And I keep making the mistake of watching this show at night! Lol.

What's even worse is that this Shadowman can open and close doors, he can turn OFF your lights so he can come slithering into your house to drag you into whatever hellhole he lives in! I mean when the evil entities can change the rules into their favor, you know you're screwed!

Though I guess because I am now in my "adult" years I was miffed that one of the teens was calling the new Sardo a mean old grump. The dude seriously looks like he is in his 30s and he's been given a title that is more akin to Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace! I mean seriously?! Lol. And then just before they start to believe that maybe their Shadowman nightmares are more foretelling than nightmares, they are all willy-nilly turning off their lights to hide from the monster...the monster made of shadows who THRIVES in shadows! I mean, you're CALLING him SHADOWMAN, why put yourself in nothing but shadows?

I felt like this time around the story didn't really move forward all too much. Adults aren't really in the picture in this one, so no one seems to be worried about the missing teenager yet. I'm guessing we're on day 2 of no Connor and no teacher seems to care! Yeah, his dad went on a fishing expedition--I think he's a fisherman for his job, so yeah, he won't realize his child has gone missing, but the teachers? Come on! I mean I remember my school if you miss a class your teacher calls your parents! So why is it these teachers have no concern that one of their students is missing? I mean, don't parents still have to call their child out if they are staying home with the flu? Please tell me that's not a thing of the past and that kids can just skip school scott free!

As I was looking up one of the kids' names on IMDB I discovered that this time the mini series is SIX episodes long! Last year it was just three and kind of meh storywise, still creepy, but there was too much mysteriousness built up with no answers. This time we have a beautiful six episodes and with the look into next week's episode we're just getting into some backstory of the possible scariness of the woods! Too soon to tell, but I can't wait until next week, especially knowing that there's a lot more to come!


Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars





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