Feb 11, 2021

Random Thursday

Okay, since I write my posts pretty far in advance...I somehow got like a month in advance now! Don't ask how I did that! I can't really remember! I remember writing maybe two weeks ahead once and then I just kept at it! Of course this was wayyyy back when we had Blogger Legacy aka Blogger Supreme and it was SOOOOOOOO much easier to write the most basic post AND have it all there a week later when you need to edit a draft instead of NOW where you are NOT allowed to edit a draft without your post being compromised.

So that was part mini-rant! Lol. It's now time to dive into my Disney Desk Calendar from 2020 and reveal all the mistakes they made! Shockingly, this year, there wasn't that many! Hardly any really! Check it out...and all pictures are the calendar page itself!


Okay this one is nit picky, but basically a typo got in here and the very first word is BRUE the shark has sharp teeth...

As we all know, his name is Bruce, named after the mechanical shark in Jaws who was named after Steven's then agent.



So pretty much all of these this year is me being nit picky. The last sentence here says "Then she returns home to sit beside her father beneath the cherry blossom tree." Well, as anyone could tell you who saw the movie, this is Mulan sitting with her father beneath the cherry blossom tree BEFORE she goes off to war and saves China!



Again, me being nit picky. This scene is actually from the added song, "Human Again," that Disney added to the movie in the early 2000s. Yet the description is making it out to be when Belle meets the Wardrobe for the first time and she says "Let's see what I got in my drawers!"

And this is perhaps the BIGGEST offender of them all! This picture CLAIMS to be Finding Dory...but it's actually Finding Nemo. As you can see, Dory is nowhere to be found being a classroom monitor of sorts. And Nemo has a nervous expression on his face...like it's his first day of school. Yeah. Total mistake! 

And that was it folks! Only 4 goofs! And yes, 3/4 were me being nit picky, but hey, don't show me Toy Story 3 and call it Toy Story...or some such thing! Lol!

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