Feb 6, 2021

Let's Discuss: When You Don't Like a Favorite Author's Book


Have you ever picked up a new series from one of your favorite authors and just thought this is so not for me? Or perhaps they were a debut author and you LOVED their first book but then when they started something new, you just couldn't get into it?

When You Don't Like a Favorite Author's Book

I mean, I have steadfastly believed that not every book is for everyone. But when you have an author whose book or books you've loved but then you encounter that new release of theirs and you just couldn't get into it...does it ever hurt? Do you feel guilty? I mean, I have felt guilty for some reason. Lol. I know it's not anything against the author or anything like that. But once I so enjoyed their first book or handful of books, I felt like they were just a favorite author...an automatic buy if you will. And then when I read one of their new releases and find my mind drifting...there have been times I had to DNF the book. There have been times that I forced myself to the end or skimmed through bits and pieces to get the idea of it.

I don't want to name books and authors for this one. Because yeah, the guilt! But have you ever discovered that you didn't enjoy one of your favorite author's books? Or perhaps just enjoyed it less than you thought you would?

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